Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Denise Majette to become a judge

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that retiring Congresswoman and 2004 US Senate candidate Denis Majette has accepted a part-time judgeship in DeKalb County.
Chief Magistrate Winston P. Bethel confirmed Tuesday that Majette will be sworn in and begin hearing cases once her term in Congress officially ends Jan. 3. Majette was a longtime DeKalb State Court judge before running for Congress in 2002.

"Of course, the congresswoman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this," Bethel said. "I basically came to her because I know of her experience and because of our personal relationship from when she was in the State Court."
She was a potential candidate for Lt. Governor in Georgia but this will mean an end to that rumor. What I do not understand is why, as a one-term incumbent would she seek a Senate seat in a state that is turning red. Not just that, but her running for Senate meant Cynthia McKinney would run for her seat. That was a bad political move in my mind.

Thanks to Dr. Jay for the tip!

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