Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jenna Bush: Charter school teacher

The Washington Post learns that
First daughter Jenna Bush, who put her career plans on hold while campaigning to reelect her father, has decided to live in Washington and plans to teach at a District public school that serves low-income children. The White House would not release details yesterday, but we've learned that she has applied to teach at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in the Mount Pleasant/Columbia Heights neighborhood.

The school's founder and executive director, Linda Moore, wouldn't confirm Bush's employment, saying: "We don't discuss the relationship between a prospective employee and the school until we have a formal agreement. This is not something I'm at liberty to discuss."...Jenna, 22, holds a degree in English from the University of Texas. She has talked publicly of her desire to teach at a charter school, while sister Barbara wants to work with children who have AIDS in Eastern Europe and Africa...The immediate career course for Barbara, a Yale humanities grad, is unknown. In September, a spokeswoman for the twins told the Los Angeles Times that Barbara's plans were "a little nebulous."
Public schools are charter schools now? Is Barbara setting the framework for a political career now? That sounds like something a Democrat would do.
Thirty-six days until the inauguration and as the ABC Political Note puts it:
When the President gets bored during today's White House economic conference, he has to pretend to listen....
David Broder doesn't seem to totally love the Bush Cabinet — except of course those members who used to be governors!!!
Is this why anti-DLC Democrats hate the DLC? Per the ABC Political Note:
Marshall Wittman, a former Republican who is now a senior fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council, put it to the Post like this: "When you believe you are invulnerable, you will always take a step too far, and this was it," Wittman said. "The most cursory checking would have shown this guy has more skeletons than a haunted house. This choice was political from the beginning to the end."
Does CBS have a daily political newsletter?

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