Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A new find

Scrubs star Zach Braff has a blog. In an entry dealing with Star Wars, he points out something I missed when I watched last week and confirms something I thought was true (he's Jewish):
they changed the Ewok's song at the end of the movie!! What?! The Ewok's song was he best part of the entire franchise. My favorite part about it was that there was no Ewokese for the lyric, "celebrate the life". If you go back and listen to the OLD version, the song goes, "Yub, nub, eecheek ee wy-wy celebrate the life, yub -nub!" Classic lyrics. It's like re-writing "Let it Be" or that Celine Dion song from Titanic, it's just not done!

My new year's resolutions:
Forgo all exercise (including walking),
Learn to smoke (something thin like Capri's),
Take my loved one's for granted,
Stop washing my hands after twosies,
Laugh at babies who are late walkers,
Pull leaves off trees that appear to be flourishing,
Name the yet to be named voices in my head (something tough like Carl or Kyle)
Be less kind to bunnies,
Floss everything but my teeth,
Travel (but only around my yard and with a light carry-on)
Stop and smell the Rosens. (They're a wonderful family and absolutely compulsive about showering.)

Thank you all for your tremendous support this year. As my people say, "Shalom." It means, hello, goodbye and peace. It's like the swiss-army knife of words. It also means, "Doctor, it still itches even with the ointment." But only in context.
Garden State comes out today. I'll get that link up soon!

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