Saturday, December 11, 2004

Quote of the Week: Jeremiah's Rant

This weeks quote of the week comes from Jeremiah Brewer--who's website is linked on my blogroll:
(1) Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris on The Factor yesterday made light of John Edwards being on Larry King Live. They said how no one would watch him and no one cares what he thinks anymore.

John and ELIZABETH Edwards appeared on Larry King Live to talk about her battle with cancer. She's going to undergo a lumpectomy followed by 6 weeks of chemotherapy. That's the extent of what they discussed.

So Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris are brainless, d***less, adulterous mofo's.

(2) Al From appeared on a panel discussing the future of the Democratic Party with Stu Rothenberg and some token liberal. From was seriously frustrated with some of the questions, particularly those about trying to supporting Muslims, and fear brought on by 9-11, and how it was unnecessary. And I agree that Al From should have been frustrated.

It's time to purge the party. Liberals, get the fuck out if you can't deal with a centrist candidate for president. It's better to lose some dreaming liberals, and gain independents, the middle class, moderate Republicans, and McCain-like rebel Republicans.

(3) I can understand if you don't want to support John Edwards in the 2008 primary (assuming he runs which is likely). But the "spotlight - how will he stay in it?" question is not a valid excuse. People will know who he is more than those in public office now or the supposedly in the "spotlight" like Bayh, Warner, Vilsack, Biden, etc., etc.

(4) If Hillary Clinton is the nominee, she will lose. It is that simple.

(5) Howard Dean's statement about either being DNC Chair or he'll be a candidate makes me laugh. Howard, your ego is bigger than Ralph Nader. Thanks for contributing to the Democratic Party's continual losses!

(6) A friendly warning to the Republican Party: you're riding high now, so certainly enjoy it. But your alliance with the Religious Right while profitable now, will be your undoing. A few GOPers like McCain and Hagel already know this. Just a word of caution, take it for what it's worth.
JBrew, I could not agree with you more. However, it is important for Elizabeth Edwards to get better before Sen. Edwards decides to run in 2008. He's already set to be in New Hampshire in February. Sen. Bayh will work on charisma and name recognition over the next few years.

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