Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Onward's thoughts on. . .

Fantasy baseball - this guy ( is crazy

Democrats - Need to be more assertive - Feingold is on the right track, watch that guy

KY Dem's video - I bet the whole Wildcat team saw it, and probably Wildcat fan Austin Kearns too

The Reds - Will finish in the top 3 of the NL Central

The NIT - Worst tournament ever - yet the Cards were the last team standing.

Evan Bayh - Still don't know what he stands for, and I think he intends to keep it that way

IL-6 - Tammy Duckworth has lots of money and backers, but Henry Hyde's district is just too darn conservative

Barry Bonds and Steroids - Lets move on, folks.

The sports media - See above.

George Mason - Lucky. Will lose to Florida

Hillary Clinton - I'll support her. But only if Feingold doesn't gain momentum, and Gore doesn't run.

Taequan Dean - Not the go-to guy he tried to be. He sure can shoot, though.

Rick Pitino - I still refuse to doubt anything he does.

Tubby Smith - Hanging on by a thread.

The Bulls - Need to trade whatever they have to (including a possible first round pick) for Paul Pierce.

Friendster - Lots of fun for a few minutes a week.

My Fantasy Team - Plenty of 5 tool guys, but probably needs Barry Bonds to remain healthy and play 100 games in order to contend.

I'll try to post more and contribute more later as things like baseball and the elections heat up.

From Onward (NOT THE KYDEM)

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