Thursday, February 01, 2007


This is an important issue and here's the full text from the facebook event:
February 1st 2007, from 7:55pm to 8:00pm

Urgent: Action for global energy saving

Just turn off your lights, turn off a light, unplug a cell phone charger thats not in use, do something...

February 1st 2007, be part of the largest citizen mobilisation against global warming.
This is Alliance pour la Plan├Ęte (a group of several environemental associations)'s simple plea to every one of us all over the globe, a five-minute break for the Earth: everybody turns off all lights on February 1st, from 7:55pm to 8:00pm at their local time. This is not only to save 5 minutes of electricity on that day, but also to grab the attention of other citizens and of the media and inform them about waste of energy and why it is important to take action. 5 minutes for our planet; it's not that big of a deal, it's free, and it will show your politicians that the environement is still something that needs to be discussed.

Why February 1st? Because it will be on this date, in Paris (France), that the United Nation's environemental experts' newest report concerning global warming will be released. This is an occasion in a million for us to make sure all focus on the urgence of the situation.

If each and every one of us joins in, this action will have a valuable impact on both medias and governments. For each time zone, the lights will go out from 7:55pm to 8:00pm... the time at which the action can be observed by local media. It could be on the news at every hour, in every time zone, at different times.

No matter what country you live in, your government will be moved by our common strenght.

Translate this message in your language and send this message to everybody around you. Post it on your message boards, newsletters and websites.

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