Monday, February 26, 2007

Say a prayer

I hope that should there be a fund set up for the Crawford family that it would not be in violation of any NCAA rule.

The Cincinnati Post reported on it today which could explain Crawford's play as of late.
The family has been relocated temporarily to a hotel and Sylvia believes it will be several months before they can move back into their home.

Crawford wasn't available to speak to reporters after the game.

"He took it a lot harder than I realized," Sylvia said. "He wasn't there.

"He was just as devastated as everyone else. He has been calling a few times a day to check on us. But we're fine. We feel truly blessed because we weren't home when it happened and no one was hurt."

The rooms of all three of her sons were destroyed, however, and Sylvia said the family was going to try to get replicas of Crawford's basketball plaques, trophies and memorabilia that had been burned.

"We lost every single award that he ever had," Sylvia said. "That is the most devastating part about it.

"He said he's fine if we just have some pictures, but I'm going to try to contact each organization such as the McDonald's All-America people to see if we can get a copy."
The blaze occured on February 17, the day that UK lost to Alabama.

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