Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Three Weeks are over....

Now that that's done with for now, I can play my guitar again and relieve some of this stress.

So did you hear the one about Lindsay Lohan? You did? Nevermind then.

All I know is that if I were to get into film, and I am, I wouldn't want her anywhere near the set. She never took an acting class. Never reads the script. Never particpates in on-set rehearsals. Who does she think she is, the president?

So Greg Stumbo is looking at a possible run for Senate. He's gonna give Mitch McConnell a run at his money for sure. Mitch will come crying to the president and you know when it's that bad, he'll look at the poll numbers and see that it's to Kentucky's advantage that the president comes to town. It worked for the Democrats in 2006.

Jonathan Miller turned 40 today so have a happy birthday.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is being hailed as the future of the party. His candidacy for president is being announced at a later date.

An NBA referee is being probed for betting on NBA games. Wait a minute here, when did Pete Rose join the NBA?

So did you hear the one where Lindsay Lohan got a DUI? No. This is a different one. She's the new Paris Hilton except that her father doesn't own a hotel.

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