Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why I'm for Andrew Horne

I should note that from a PR perspective, Col. Horne picked the worst possible day to announce his candidacy since there's a chance that it will be buried in the news due to the ongoing Bobby Petrino debacle and today's release of the George Mitchell Report to the Commissioner of Baseball of an Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball.

Andrew Horne represents a change for the Democratic Party. You can read my interview with him from this past September right here.
DS: You're a military veteran so how do you feel the Iraq situation needs to be handled. With our armed forces stretched so thin, what should happen in the event that America does something about Iran?
AH: There are no good answers in regard to Iraq only a list of bad ones. However, we must get beyond partisanship and think first of our children's future. Whatever we do we must have as solid a consensus as possible. The recommendations of the Iraq Study Group are a good place to start the debate, but the ultimate long term goal must be to remove all of our troops from Iraq. Because of the way we entered Iraq and have handled it since, any residual U.S. presence will be seen as an occupation by most Iraqis and the majority of the Arab world. In that vein, it will appear coerced if we were "asked" by the Iraqi government to keep troops in Iraq while we still had thousands of combat troops there. There should be no discussions concerning permanent bases in Iraq.

Concerning your question about Iran, in every matter concerning relations between nations the use of military force should only be a last resort. We must pursue every diplomatic and economic option. In the case of Iran we quite frankly have very few military options. We do not have the manpower to fight another ground war and the effect of air power alone is very limited - just look at "shock and awe." Under these circumstances we must avoid a shooting war at all costs because our choices are either a small interdiction to address the support to the Iraqi Shi'ia Militias, which is akin to stirring-up a hornet's nest, or an attempt at a knock out blow. Neither option would do much for our standing in the world and would not be in our long term National Security interests.
Horne may be considered a long shot by some but he is the candidate, in my opinion, that can knock Mitch McConnell off his throne.

Nobody has forgotten how South Dakota Republicans brought in Bill Frist to take out Tom Daschle. Mitch, I've got some news for you. We will OUST you by all means necessary. Lest, you forget this quote that you made:
Nobody is happy about losing lives, but remember, these are not draftees; these are full-time professional soldiers."

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