Monday, February 28, 2005

SNL: Paris worst host ever

From TV Guide (no link):
Hilton returns to New York to host Saturday Night Live. A witness on the set reports that during the Friday night rehearsal, she refused to come out of her dressing room. She objected to a line in the opening sketch imagining her "20...30 years from now"--she didn't like the idea of being middle-aged, ever. She complained that [the sketch] included a sex tape and costarred Joey Buttafuoco.

After two hours, the sketch was killed.

When the cameras are on, Hilton pouts, preens, and doesn't screw up once. But she seems robotic, and remains that way during commercial breaks.

"Paris was one of the most self-absorbed hosts ever," the SNL source says. "She was an energy vacuum on stage, and her performance was minimally acceptable." Some cast members were so bewildered by her extreme narcissism, the source says, that they created a betting pool to see if anyone could get Hilton to ask them a friendly personal question. No one managed to collect. [...]

"I'm a sweet girl," she says in a babyish voice, looking up bashfully with her big blue eyes. "So don't be mean to me."

Rob Corddry BUSTED at City Hall!

This is frickin' hilarious. Rob Corddry impersonates Jeff Gannon/James P. Guckert...kind of.
A "correspondent" from the fake news show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, was outside City Hall yesterday to get some answers from City Council Speaker Gifford Miller.

Wearing a badly groomed hair piece, a fake mustache and an ugly 1970s tie, Rob Corddry waited patiently until after the real reporters had posed their questions to ask one about about Social Security.

Standing awkwardly with his legs far apart as though he were getting ready to sprint, nodding in agreement to every word spoken by Miller about the West Side Stadium, Corddry finally raised his hand.

"Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker," he shouted, as if in a White House news conference, identifying himself as "Dino Ironbody"

His question: "How do you feel about the president's awesome plan to privatize Social Security?"

Miller, who realized what was going on, played along.

"I'm not such a big fan of the president's plan to private Social Security," Miller said. "I think Social Security has worked pretty well for generations and we outta stick with something that works."

After the gathering broke up, Corddry, in a move uncharacteristic of reporters, invited them to chat.

"Anybody wants to talk shop, I will be right here," he said, pointing to the ground and cameras rolling. "Good conference man!"

A spokesman for Comedy Central, where the show is aired, said the pretend reporter was spoofing the former White House correspondent known as Jeff Gannon -- who is really James D. Guckert -- who worked for a conservative Web site and was accused of asking pro-Bush questions. The access Guckert enjoyed to White House news conferences has been a source of controversy.

Comedy Central says the segment will air during Thursday's show.

Bonus Quote of the Day

"Yes it's true, I am now "Grammy award winning actor Zach Braff." Pretty funny, huh? The spirit awards were very cool. I got to see so many actors and directors I look up to. This is all very new to me, so I'm very star struck by people like Robin Williams."
--Zach Braff, actor in Scrubs and Garden State


No Food here

You know what's worse than having no food? Having no money or car! It's too frickin' cold outside. My throat is killing me. It's snowing after a full day of rain. Which reminds me, why does it rain ALL DAY in Northern Kentucky?

All this brings me to point B. At which point I remind my readers that until I get my big break, this is my only real job and donations are gladly accepted. Chairing Americans for Bayh does not count since I don't even get paid for that.

I have papers due tomorrow and Wednesday. The one due tomorrow is finished. The other one is still a work in progress that will not be completed until my parents read their email!

GOP break-in

The Kentucky Republican Party's headquarters were broken into last night. Several hard drives were stolen. Possible suspects for the break-in include Charles Colson, H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Jeb Magruder, James McCord, Donald Segretti. Former President Richard Nixon could not be reached for comment.

Quote of the Day: Shelley Berman

"Dropped in for a bit of a listen and I enjoyed it. The sound was not exactly the best for your very good impressions. Either that or my computer did not do you justice. You do have real talent."
--Shelley Berman, actor-comedian on his message board, February 28, 2005

America by Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has joined the list of the comedy greats in my opinion!

Too my parents since I know they read this, I plan on watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during spring break next week.

Interesting Commentary

While I don't know if this will be the quote of the day (I know, I forgot to post quote of the days on Saturday and Sunday). Anyway, Jeff Seeman posted this over at Daily Kos. I've made some comments in Italics.

1. During the opening sequence, Dustin Hoffman's narration was discussing heroes when a clip of Michael Moore in Roger And Me came up on the screen. It was no accident.

2. During the monologue, Chris Rock bashed Bush. He compared the government to working at the Gap and asked "what would happen if your register at the Gap was 4 trillion in the hole and you started a war with Banana Republic over toxic tank tops, only to find later that they never sold tank tops ever."

3. African-American man (Morgan Freeman) wins Oscar for his role in Million Dollar Baby. I will not spoil the film, but the main detail of it is NOT boxing and the topic pisses off a lot of the right wing (Limbaugh especially).

4. Hilary Swank wins for Million Dollar Baby. Same film pisses off same people, and this time the Oscar goes to a left-wing activist who portrayed Brandon Teena once and whose husband founded a 527 designed to help turn Ohio blue again.

5. Clint Eastwood wins for Million Dollar Baby. See #3 and #4, but this one will be extra bitter for the right because Eastwood is a former Republican mayor. How dare he go out of lockstep?

6. Best Actor nominee include TWO African-Americans (Don Cheadle and Jamie Foxx), a former-RWer-turncoat (Eastwood), a left-wing activist who supported Kerry (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a guy who LIVES IN FRANCE.....BY CHOICE! (Johnny Depp)

7. African-American man (Jamie Foxx) wins Oscar for Ray. Foxx will probably be attacked for his old comic routines (often with profanity inserted) and for the tattoo on the back of his skull. Someone will question gang activity because of it. Also, the most insane right-wingers who try to boycott everything Hollywood still hate Ray Charles for NOT playing "America" at a Bush ceremony.

8. Openly gay couple win Oscar for Documentary Short - Mighty Times: The Children's March. Onstage, one of them jokes about working and living with the same person and advises against it. Carson from Queer Eye somewhere was having a hissy fit over how the one gentleman's suit was bunching up as he put his hands on his hips.

9. Alan Alda was nominated for something. That'll tick 'em off enough.

10. Barbara Streisand was one of the presenters for Best Picture. Can you feel the love?

11. Streisand handed that Oscar to Eastwood guessed it, Million Dollar Baby. Did I mention I won't say WHY the film pisses off right-wingers? It just does.

12. On several instances, all the nominees were onstage when the winner was announced. It brought back memories of when Michael Moore invited eveyone up to accept for Bowling For Columbine, and then talked about fictitious wars and fictitious election results.

13. Sean Penn was allowed onstage when he presented.

14. For the first time ever, a song sung in Spanish was nominated for best song. Damn minorities taking American songwriting jobs away.

15. It won.

16. A song for Best Song was sung in French. In FRENCH!

17. Beyonce' was onstage three times to sing three different Best Original Song nominees. Not that the RW hated Beyonce' before, but she sang the French song, which means she must be boycotted forever. (Note from Daniel: I do not agree that she should have sung those songs. The original singers should. The Academy Awards should not be the Beyonce show!)

18. Robin Willliams laughed openly at Focus On The Family (without naming them). He then went on to name cartoon characters who were clearly MORE gay than Spongebob Squarepants.

18a. Williams was told NOT to do the routine when he went out there, but did it anyway.

19. Marlon Brando, a man who chose to expatriate himself from the US, got a MUCH larger cheer than Ronald Reagan did when the two were shown during the segment on those we have lost since last Oscar Night. (Marlon is a known anti-Semite)

20. Christopher Reeve, a man who pleaded for stem-cell research, got a MUCH larger cheer than Ronald Reagan did when the two were shown during the segment on those we have lost since last Oscar Night.

20a. Reeve might still be alive today if not for a lot of Reagan supporters.

21. Vera Drake garnered three nominations. It's a film about an abortion provider pre-Roe v. Wade. As soon as a right-winger sees the film or hears about it or reads about it, they'll find out and get mad.

22. No Oscars for the thrice-nominated Passion Of The Christ.

23. Rock claimed he had seen Passion, but didn't find it very funny.

24. During a pre-recorded segment, Chris Rock interviewed a small number of filmgoers. None were white, except for Albert Brooks (clearly planted there) who then had the audacity to proclaim White Chicks as the best film of the year.

25. A film about Che Guavara, The Motorcycle Diaries was nominated twice, for Best Song and Best Adapted Screenplay. Damn Commie bastards.

26. Tim Robbins was brought out as a presenter. Yes, Chris Rock made fun of him, but the RW will pass that off as jokes but they KNOW he meant what he said about Bush.

27. Mar Adentro, which won for Best Foreign Language Film, is also about the same topic as Million Dollar Baby. See reason #3 and reason #4

I know someone out there knows Joe

Okay, so at least three people that read this know Joe Lieberman, maybe even more.

I have yet to call for a primary with him and don't intend to. I, for one, will not call on Harry Reid to kick him out. However, Joe Lieberman went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he said that social security should not be messed with and according to Josh over at Talking Points Memo, it appears that Senator Lieberman is looking to cut a deal with Senator Lindsay Graham and the Bush administration.

So for those of you that do know the Senator, can you please ask him, kindly, why he wants to mess with social security when he said we shouldn't?

If you can't do it for me, do it for all those people that will not benefit from social security when they get older. It's bad enough that he is being attacked for voting for Al Gonzales...

This is my PSA for the week.

This Week with Jon Stewart

Wouldn't that be a great idea for a show now?

Guests on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:
Monday, 2/28: SENATOR BEN NELSON of the Great Plains state known as Nebraska
Tuesday, 3/1: NANCY SODERBERG, author of The Superpower Myth
Wednesday, 3/2: THE ROCK, star of Be Cool
Thursday, 3/3: ARI FLEISCHER, author of Taking Heat but also served as Press Secretary to this guy that runs a country

Ken Mehlman town hall

Ken Mehlman will be speaking at a Howard University town hall meeting tonight at 7 PM. The topic of the night: pandering.

Senator Joey Pendleton: Congress should plug hole in tobacco buyout--DATE OMISSION CHEATS KY. FARMERS OUT OF $124 MILLION. Kentuckians were also cheated out of decent Senator who represents the state.

A letter to the editor by Senator Jim Bunning attacking State Senator Joey Pendleton. Nope, it's just signed with his name but a staffer wrote it most likely. I've been told that in his recent trip home that all he did was just watch stocks go up and down, didn't even say a word to staff members. How pathetic!

Senator Mitch McConnell enters the picture with his editorial attacking State Senator Joey Pendleton. Two leading opponents criticizing a state senator who wanted the right thing done.

Another mystery to Gannongate. Is President Bush gay? That link seems to suggest it. Or is he just a player in Dick Cheney's cabinet. Cheney was hired to find a VP. All he could find was himself.

Good Morning

As you may know, Johnny Carson hosted the Oscars over 5 times. They paid tribute to him. Here are some of the excerpts:
Chris Rock: I got to watch Michael Jordan play basketball, I got to laugh at Rodney Dangerfield, I got to watch Muhammad Ali box, and I got to watch Johnny Carson host the Oscars.
Johnny Carson: I see a lot of new faces, especially on the old faces. (1979)
Tonight is the night where the winners thank the little people they've stepped on the whole year.
It always happens: First George C. Scott doesn't show, then Marlon Brando, and now Alan Splet...It's not Melvyn Douglas' fault - he's in a car pool with Alan Splet. (1980)
OK, folks, we're in our fourth hour now - let's check the board and see how much we've raised. (1984)
The Lady Wildcats finish the season 15-14. They enter the tournament as a 10th seed. Not that a 10th seed is bad but you expect better from the Wildcats...

US weighs Iran offers. The scale immediately broke.

Jerry Springer is now being attacked by Christian fundamentalists. This happened due to the religious right's war on foul language. Let's see: Buster, Spongebob, Simpsons, OC, Jerry Springer, Howard Dean, John Kerry, what else is next? Sure, I may be against foul language but I wouldn't sue or force someone not to show something! Afterwards, Senator Lieberman said he had nothing to with it. Regardless, the show must go on. George Carlin, speak up!

Sad Story

This is why I am in college getting a degree. I'm not that foolish to quit school. I'm getting my degree first and where I wind up, I don't know--hopefully on the writing staff of some great comedy show and then getting cast in my own show. But for Pete's sake, stay in school and don't do drugs. Don't drink frequently. Wear sunscreen.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mazel Tov to the Oscar Winners

Well, it ended before midnight this year for a change so I guess former Sen. Bob Dole caught the first half hour.

Best Picture (announced 8:38pm PT)-- MILLION DOLLAR BABY (Warner Bros.)
Achievement in Directing (announced 8:32pm PT)-- Clint Eastwood for MILLION DOLLAR BABY (Warner Bros.)
Best Actor (announced 8:24pm PT)-- Jamie Foxx for RAY (Universal Pictures)
Best Original Screenplay (announced 8:17pm PT)-- ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (Focus Features) by Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry, Pierre Bismuth
Best Foreign-Language Film (announced 8:15pm PT)-- THE SEA INSIDE - Spain
Best Actress (announced 8:05pm PT)-- Hilary Swank for MILLION DOLLAR BABY (Warner Bros.)
Best Original Song (announced 8:00pm PT)-- "Al Otro Lado Del Río" from THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (Focus Features)
Best Original Score (announced 7:40pm PT)-- Thomas Newman for LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS (Paramount Pictures)
Best Documentary Short (announced 7:37pm PT)-- MIGHTY TIMES: THE CHILDREN'S MARCH
Achievement in Sound Editing (announced 7:25pm PT)-- THE INCREDIBLES (Disney/Pixar)
Achievement in Sound Mixing (announced 7:22pm PT)-- RAY (Universal Pictures)
Achievement in Cinematography (announced 7:15pm PT)-- THE AVIATOR (Miramax)
Best Animated Short Film (announced 7:12pm PT)-- RYAN
Best Live-Action Short Film (announced 7:10pm PT)-- WASP
Best Visual Effects (announced 6:48pm PT)-- SPIDER-MAN 2 (Columbia Pictures)
Best Adapted Screenplay (announced 6:43pm PT)-- SIDEWAYS (Fox Searchlight) by Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor
Best Film Editing (announced 6:33pm PT)-- THE AVIATOR (Miramax)
Best Documentary Feature (announced 6:30pm PT)-- BORN INTO BROTHELS (ThinkFilm)
Best Supporting Actress (announced 6:23pm PT)-- Cate Blanchett for THE AVIATOR (Miramax)
Achievement in Costume Design (announced 6:18pm PT)-- THE AVIATOR (Miramax)
Achievement in Makeup (announced 6:02pm PT)-- LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS (Paramount Pictures)
Best Animated Feature Film (announced 5:58pm PT)-- THE INCREDIBLES (Disney/Pixar)
Best Supporting Actor (announced 5:50pm PT)-- Morgan Freeman for MILLION DOLLAR BABY (Warner Bros.)
Best Art Direction (announced 5:45pm PT)-- THE AVIATOR (Miramax)

Million Dollar Baby wins

"I'm so happy to give you this again, Clint."
--Barbara Streisand on presenting the motion picture award to Clint Eastwood for Million Dollar Baby. Also presenting was one of my role models, Dustin Hoffman, also Jewish. The two old Fockers were great in Meet the Fockers playing the parents of another great Jew, Ben Stiller.

Right on, Robin Williams!

Someone is taking on the right-wingers who take on fictional characters!
"They tell me now that SpongeBob is gay. SquarePants is not gay. Tight pants maybe. SpongeBob Hot Pants? You go, girl!"

Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants was among cartoon characters featured in a pro-diversity initiative of the We Are Family Foundation. James Dobson, founder of the religious conservative group Focus on the Family, complained that the motive for using SpongeBob was "to desensitize very young children to homosexual and bisexual behavior."

Williams suggested that other cartoon characters through history also might have been gay and he didn't spare Disney icons, although Disney-owned ABC was airing the awards show.

"What about Donald Duck? Sailor top, no pants. Hello?" Williams said.

"Bugs Bunny. More dresses than J. Edgar Hoover at Mardi Gras. Hello?" Williams concluded.
He then went on to impersonate leading actors and directors who star in cartoons and those that should!

Screw The Oscars

I wanted to be the first to congratulate Natalie Portman for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress but things didn't quite go so well. I'll be sitting shiva!

Chris Rock had a killer monologue but bring back Billy Crystal!
Hey, a lot of people like to bash Bush. I'm not going to bash Bush here tonight. I saw Farenheit 9-11 and I think Bush is a genius. I think Bush did some things this year nobody in this room could do. Nobody in this room could pull off, okay? 'Cause Bush basically reapplied for his job this year. Now can you imagine applying for a job and while you're applying for that job, there's a movie in every theater in the country that shows how much you suck at that job? It'd be hard to get hired, wouldn't it? [laughter]

I watched Farenheit, I learned some stuff, man. Bush did some things you could never get away with at your job there, never, ever ever. You know, when Bush got into office, they had a surplus of money. Now there's like a 70 trillion dollar deficit. Now, just imagine if you worked at The Gap. [laughter] You're closin' out your register and its 70 trillion dollars short. The average person would get in trouble for somethin' like that, right? Not Bush, no. [extended applause]

Then, then he started a war. That's cool, support the troops, he started a war. Now let's imagine you worked at The Gap. You're 70 trillion behind on your register and then you start a war with Banana Republic [laughter] 'cause you say they got toxic tank tops over there. Ya have the war, people are dyin, a thousand Gap employees are dead, that's right, bleedin' all over the khakis, ya finally take over Banana Republic and then you find out they never made tank tops in the first place. [laughter and applause][...]

Did a great bit on "Wait for a star..."
You want Tom Cruise but can only get Jude Law? WAIT.

You want Russell Crowe but can only get Colin Farrell? WAIT.

You want Denzel but can only get me? WAIT
What's up with the French song? I thought we hated them?!?

Albert Brooks is a brilliant director and he said White Chicks was robbed.

Okay, The Aviator will sweep this year.

Nice tribute to the late comedian Johnny Carson.

Cafeteria Food

Whoever invented cafeteria food did not give any thought to my taste buds!

Former President Bill Clinton encouraged China and Taiwan to warm ties. At which point, he then took off his tie and asked if any one wanted to warm it.

Senator Joe Biden says that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would be hard to be beat. Senator Biden, shame on you for even suggesting physical violence. Violence is wrong! Oh, he wasn't suggesting that but the headlines can make for great comedy!

Oscar Morning Update

Spring Break starts Friday so there goes my PC access for a week!

Ken Salazar, though labeled as a moderate Senator, prefers to be thought of as reflecting western independence. Does anyone know what we label Michael Jackson as anymore?

While the GOP is fighting to take away fictional characters, "Several Democrats, especially Sen. Evan Bayh and Mayor Bart Peterson, have their own initiatives for strengthening fatherhood and the family." At which point, President Bush started drinking with his daughters.

President Bill Clinton took the stage in Japan and was shy of announcing on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton as to whether she'll run or not. Go back to late 90's and early 2000's and another Bill Clinton will say this: "I tell you that I hope and expect some day I'll be voting for Evan Bayh for President of the United States."

Interesting article. Does anyone know why no Senators stood up in 2000?

James R. Carroll's Sunday column talks about Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana.
This week it was a look at the Democrats, and Sabato agrees that New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is the early frontrunner. Her pluses, he says, are her name, her fund-raising ability and her fan base in the party. Her minuses: baggage and history, Sabato says.

Then there's Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry ("almost no enthusiasm" among Democrats for a rerun, Sabato says), former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (didn't do much for 2004 ticket, Sabato says), Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin -- and Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

Bayh, of course, has deflected questions about '08 almost daily.

Sabato points to the political credentials of Bayh winning in a very Republican state, his centrist voting record, his strong family image and "warm, modest style" for television.

"But does he have the passion and commitment to win?" Sabato asks. "Can he rev up his often-bland rhetorical skills? Most of all, can he ever convince an increasingly liberal Democratic electorate to select him instead of an ideological soul mate like Hillary Clinton?"

We have 35 months to find out.
Thirty-five months? This is gonna be a long ride up and down.

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack PAC's it up. He joins several others in forming a political action committee.
Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia and Richardson have each formed their own political action committees to help candidates during the critical year and a half before the next field of presidential hopefuls begins to jell. Richardson, Vilsack and Warner are all considered potential 2008 candidates and govern in states President Bush, a Republican, carried last year.

Other Democrats considered potential 2008 candidates have also formed federal PACs, including Kerry; his running mate, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards; and Sens. Evan Bayh of Indiana, Hillary Clinton of New York and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.
Will the next CBS News anchor come from Canada? Or will they come from Comedy Central?

Since when was my state representative Bob DeWeese a Democrat? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought he was a Republican?!?
In a moment of sobering candor, Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob DeWeese of Louisville told The Louisville Courier-Journal that the projects were needed "for our members to bring about their votes."
Serious about comedy?
The Daily Show alum Steve Carell is sharp as office boss Michael Scott, while the show boasts a healthy dose of the same uncomfortable energy that made the U.K. Office a Golden Globe winner.

"(Like Seinfeld), they're not expecting it to do well out of the gate," says exec producer Greg Daniels. "I like the fact that they're going into it knowing that. It's positive that they're taking the long-term viewpoint."
In all seriousness, British shows should not be re-made into American shows!


Is it just me or is everyone bored today?

Since I didn't watch it then, I watched Jon Stewart's reaction to 9/11/2001. I always tear up when I think of that day. I know where I was then.

I'm sorry but I have absolutely nothing in these wee hours of Sunday morning before I go to bed. Google alerts have been low. Saturdays are a no news day. How am I supposed to do my comedy when I don't get anything in my inbox?

Saturday, February 26, 2005

UK vs Alabama

My University of Kentucky Wildcats beat the University of Alabama Crimson Tide 78-71.

The Florida game that takes place next Sunday has been moved from noon to 2 PM.

Fan mail

I just sent out a load of snail mail requests for autographs today.

If you need help and are looking for a certain celebrity, just kindly ask.

These midterm papers are driving me up a wall!

Did I mention that I'm bored yet? Not that I'm not bored of blogging but some good tv shows or movies would be a great thing every now and then.

Did you miss me?

It should be noted that I do not go on my computer during Shabbat.

GOP Odd Couple reflect the chambers they lead. Isn't that an infringement of the title of a screenplay written by a former Sid Caesar writer named Neil Simon? Neil Simon may very well be the greatest playwright still living. A lot of people got their start by working for Sid Caesar in which you can see here.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has dropped plans to visit Egypt. Instead, she wants to find Gary Coleman in California.

Kentucky State Treasurer Jonathan Miller will be in Louisville during my spring break! Finally, something that I might be able to attend but I have no car and tax season will have my father working late and both my brother and I are going to be dragged in to help out.

At 10:00 PM tonight and at 1:00 AM early Sunday, you can catch Halle Berry and Britney Spears...ALMOST lip-lock with each other.

In other news, I am locked up with a heavy load for mid-terms this week. Reading material consists of Neil Simon plays and memoirs.

Yesterday afternoon, I learned that Jon Stewart's parents wanted him to go to law school. Am I really the next Jon Stewart?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Eric Fingerhut Update

Making Ohio Great Again.

He will do it. I know he can.


A true victim of Michael Jackson. This is saddening!
A woman who had suffered a massive heart attack died after hospital personnel moved her out of a trauma room to accommodate a flu-stricken Michael Jackson, the patient's family said.

Jury selection in Jackson's child molestation child had to be temporarily postponed Feb. 15 when the pop star was taken to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, Calif., complaining of flu-like symptoms. Manuela Gomez Ruiz, a 74-year-old grandmother, was moved from the primary trauma room and taken off the machine ventilator, with her breathing instead assisted manually by hand pump, until she was relocated to a smaller room nearby, her family told ABC News.[...]

Anna Ruiz was in the emergency room with her mother-in-law who was in the primary trauma room, attached to IVs and a ventilator.

"It's a large family and the mom is the heart of the family, " she said. Manuela Ruiz was a mother of eight, grandmother of 24 and great-grandmother of 26.

But Ruiz's heart was failing rapidly. She would have two more heart attacks before she died that day.

The family has hired an attorney to sue both the hospital and Jackson.

'They Shouldn't Have Treated Us Any Different'
Maria Elena Ortiz, the ailing woman's daughter, said she was in the room when Jackson came in. She was also present when her mother was moved and objected.

"Why does she have to be moved if he's coming in for a stomach flu?" Ortiz said. "I said, 'My mother just had a heart attack and I think it's more critical than a stomach flu.' They didn't say anything."

No one knows if moving Ruiz added to her trauma, but family members said they were told her heart was functioning at 30 percent and other organs were failing. But they say the chaos caused by Jackson's arrival distracted staff, and robbed them of precious time with their mother and grandmother as she died.

When Ruiz was moved to a smaller room, the family says equipment had to be crammed into the room. They also were limited to two visitors at a time. Once those visitors were in the room they could not leave and let other family members in because the hospital restricted movement in the hallways after Jackson arrived, the family says.

"This was the last time we might be able to talk with our grandma. They took that from us," said Marcos Meraz, one of Ruiz's grandsons.
Michael should pay this family for what he caused!

Chuck Pennacchio Conference Call

I missed it but Max blogged on it.

Quote of the Day: Jonathan Miller

"LOL! I had read the article, but did not see the picture. I grew 7 inches!"
--Jonathan Miller, February 25, 2005, on finding out about the picture used in the KY Kernal interview

Bush to visit Indiana soon

President Bush is visiting Indiana soon. This could get interesting. Democrats in the same transporting vehicle as President Bush? I don't buy it at all.
When the president went to North Dakota, he invited Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad to fly in with him aboard Air Force One, and Conrad accepted. Similarly, when the president went to Nebraska, Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson was invited to ride in the presidential motorcade.

Whether Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., will be asked to take part in the president's visit could not be confirmed Thursday, although Bayh spokeswoman Meg Keck said that no such invitation has been received.
No invitation?!? This is unjust! Someone get this guy an invite ASAP!

Just breaking: McConnell presents $1.5 million check

I just got back from meeting Sen. Mitch McConnell at the Otto Budig Theatre at Northern Kentucky University. Sen. McConnell is the Republican Whip in the United States Senate.

McConnell was on hand to present a $1,500,000 check to Northern Kentucky University for a new digital science initiative: taking astronomy to the students.

I managed to speak with the Senator, ever so briefly, but for a longer period of time than Governor Ernie Fletcher, and shorter than with State Senator Daniel Mongiardo, MD.

Upon welcoming him to campus on behalf of the Northern Kentucky University College Democrats after getting my photo taken with him, the Senator remarked, "That will get you in trouble!"

Following the presentation which was the Senator's first two plaque and a dragon day, I was able to speaker for a few minutes with Senator McConnell.

I asked if he saw The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when Stewart joked about his comments on Condoleezza Rice's confirmation in which Stewart said he voted for her because her last name is a food you eat with beans. McConnnell laughed but said he did not watch that show.

I thanked him for his strong support of Israel and urged him to get the President to fulfill his pledge to move the embassy to the true capital of Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv. He said that every President that has pledged to do so has not done so.

I mentioned that Bush has done a good job but not good enough with supporting Israel. McConnell followed up by saying that President Bush would have been elected Prime Minister in Israel.

As to Social Security and Medicare, I did not have enough time to get those questions in but his time was short.

Education funding is a non-partisan issue so I was glad to meet him on an occasion like this.

Choose your caption!

"State treasurer Jonathan Miller was joined by university mascots as he addressed college students from around the state Feb. 16 at the State Capitol in Frankfort."

The caption from the link in the post below.

Just a kiss?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal backs Joe Lieberman, no Senate run against him likely.
"I think Senator Lieberman has been behaving much more like a Republican than a Democrat, and I think he needs to take another look at his constituents," said Kim Hynes, a Democrat from Lieberman's childhood hometown of Stamford. "We live in a blue state and most people are opposed to the current administration."

Aides to Lieberman, who celebrated his 63rd birthday yesterday by adding another $100,000 to his campaign war chest, defended the three-term senator's record and said he is committed to representing the people of Connecticut.

"He tries to do what he thinks is right for Connecticut and the country," Lieberman spokeswoman Casey Aden-Wansbury said. "That sometimes means making decisions that others on the right and left are going to disagree with."

Key party stalwarts continue to back Lieberman, including state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy and Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the state Democratic Party.
I didn't like his Gonzales vote and I still back him for Senate! Happy Birthday to Senator Lieberman! I should have done that yesterday! I'm still upset about that kiss from George. I'm just grateful it wasn't me.
Among the attendees were Blumenthal and Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Chairman Jim Himes.

"He may not always be in the safest position politically, but he charts a course and he does what he thinks is right," said Blumenthal, a Greenwich resident. "I can't say I always agree with him 100 percent of the time, but I admire him tremendously and support him."

Himes also pledged his support for Lieberman.
The KY Kernal talks with Jonathan Miller. I know Jonathan Miller and that is no picture of Jonathan Miller. Looks more like Secretary of State Trey Grayson to me!

Lawmakers want their salaries set my a commission. Interesting idea but how much higher can we increase the budget without going in debt?

What was Senator Bayh doing in Illinois? "Thursday night, Bayh hosted a small, intimate bistro dinner for prospects at Brasserie Jo on Hubbard Street." I hope it went well.

Daily Kos and went down this morning. I nearly lost my mind...that's not cool. Addictions are bad!

Late Night with Daniel S.

Okay, I can do better but I'm suffering from insomnia right now with midterms.

Jennifer Lopez has finally declared that she's married to Marc Anthony. Not to be outdone, Paris Hilton declares she's a slut.

Ben Affleck takes a pay cut for a new film. Finally! A celebrity who talks the talk. The Democrat who stumped for Kerry will portray former Superman actor George Reeves in a new film. The film, Truth, Justice, and the American Way, starts shooting this summer. Wait a minute, isn't that the name of the Michael Jackson saga?

Michael Lohan is becoming a household name. He was just arrested for a DUI, has had prior legal problems, and now it appears he threatened to kill his wife? Who does he think he is? O.J. Simpson?!? A spokesman said Lindsay is keeping her space from him...clubbing the night away. Sure, she's clubbing her way with Paris Hilton!

David Schwimmer will soon be gracing the stage in London. Here's to better ratings than Joey!

Is Paris Hilton next? She was caught kissing another girl.
The private snap was recently unveiled to the public after Hilton's mobile phone was hacked and its contents published on the internet, forcing the 24-year-old's celebrity pals to change their numbers. The blonde beauty can be seen topless, kissing stunning MTV Latin America VJ Eglantina Zingg in the picture, but she claims it was just a bit of fun. She tells American magazine Us Weekly, "We were joking around at a photo shoot for a magazine. It wasn't sexual... But it's scary that someone out there can get into your private device."
Afterwards, she admitted, "that's hot!"

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who violated who?

Did you hear about this? An appellate court in Illinois has ruled that a man can sue for distress over a surprise pregnancy, but sperm were the girl's to keep. Am I missing something here?!? I thought this case was featured in Legally Blonde? Roll the tape!
The ruling Wednesday by the Illinois Appellate Court sends Dr. Richard O. Phillips' distress case back to trial court.

Phillips accuses Dr. Sharon Irons of a "calculated, profound personal betrayal" after their affair six years ago, saying she secretly kept semen after they had oral sex, then used it to get pregnant.

He said he didn't find out about the child for nearly two years, when Irons filed a paternity lawsuit. DNA tests confirmed Phillips was the father, the court papers state.

Phillips was ordered to pay about $800 a month in child support, said Irons' attorney, Enrico Mirabelli.

Phillips sued Irons, claiming he has had trouble sleeping and eating and has been haunted by "feelings of being trapped in a nightmare," court papers state.
This man shouldn't pay if he didn't know about the kid. The sperm was frozen! The mother should pay for distress! That is, unless the real father is President Clinton! Clinton is probably saying to his people now, "Honestly, I did not have sexual relations with that woman! I don't even know her!" But in all seriousness, unless she fertalized herself within a three hour period, someone is lying here.

Quote of the Day

This is now a daily feature.

"Let me add to the list of phrases Charlie Gibson can never say: Nipple fetish."
--Jon Stewart, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, February 24, 2004

Move over Greg, you've got company

I'd like to welcome my good friend, Jason Plotkin, from Houston to the blogosphere. You will soon find the link on my blogroll. Welcome, Plotshot!

I've known Jason since I lost for a regional BBYO office in 2000. We've been friends ever since. He'll be doing play by play on ESPN some day, I hope.

Natalie Portman is at a low point

Natalie Portman is at a new low point in her life. Nope, not the kissing scandal at the Western Wall. She finally made it to the Dead Sea--1300 feet below sea level.
The improvisation was a new challenge for Harvard-educated Portman, as she also had to draw on her native Hebrew, and Arabic learned during studies in Jerusalem last year.
Improvisation is hard. Take it from the Jew whose RA said he wasn't funny...some non-Jews just don't understand Jewish humor.

Any readers from Beantown?: Comedy Connection presents Jake Johannsen of "The Daily Show" Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 and 26, 8 and 10:15 p.m. Tickets range $25. 245 Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, Boston.

Denise Bentley leaves Metro Council

The Courier-Journal reported that Denise Bentley will join Governor Fletcher's staff. Is this a reward for endorsing Anne Northup for Congress?
Metro Council member Denise Bentley, a West End Democrat whose support of Republicans estranged her from her own party, will resign today after accepting a job with Gov. Ernie Fletcher's administration.

Bentley started Feb. 16 as an executive assistant to Fletcher, working as his liaison to Louisville Metro Government and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Fletcher spokesman Doug Hogan said.

It's a newly created position that will pay her $75,000 annually, $33,000 more than she makes as a council member.

Fletcher said in a statement that he created the job because the state's two largest cities deserve more of a voice in Frankfort.

But some Democrats called Bentley's appointment payback for supporting Republican candidates and positions.
Fletcher is wasting state money for a job that was not needed. Reactions from other caucus members:
Yesterday, some of those Democrats criticized Bentley's appointment and said her hiring by Republicans was expected.

Tim Longmeyer, chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, called Bentley's hiring "an obvious and blatant quid pro quo."

Metro Council member Bob Henderson, D-14th, who was one of Bentley's biggest critics on the council, said yesterday that he believes Bentley's new job is the result of "good politics and good maneuvering."

"I'd like to see her move on, provide for her family and do a good job," he said.

Hogan said her appointment had nothing to do with politics.

"Our goal is to find the best and the brightest," he said.

Council President Barbara Shanklin, D-2nd, said she would miss Bentley.

"Denise is a very smart young lady, and she has been helpful in a lot of ways," Shanklin said.

Republican caucus Chairman Kelly Downard agreed.

"She has worked both sides of the aisle, and that makes her perfect for this job," he said.
Who will replace Denise Bentley? Thirty days until we know...are they business days or full weeks.
Dr. Judy Green--West End Dentist
Lawrence Montgomery--former Alderman, 70 years old
Eboni Neal Cochran--33 years old, Sen. Gerald Neal's niece
Margaret Leavell Harris--62 years old, former aide to District 4 Metro Council member Willie Bright and a former State Rep. candidate
Nilaja Meeks--a legislative aide to Shanklin and Rep. Jerry Meek's daughter

Not interested:
Eleanor Jordan

Jamal Mashburn traded

Former Kentucky Wildcat basketball player Jamal Mashburn has been traded. I find it so hard rooting for Philiadelphia with Allen Iverson on the team.
Mashburn is making $9.3 million this year and $10.1 million next year, but seems likely to retire because of his knee injury. He hasn't played since last March and won't play for the Sixers, King said.
Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher wants a spending restraint on the budget. In other news, Kentuckians want a new Governor.

George Harrison Tribute

Today is George Harrison's birthday. He would have been 63 had he not passed away from cancer.

I wanted to put an mp3 of a cover song but I don't have the technology to record a song without all the hissing and such so here are the lyrics to a famous Beatles Song. It's called Let it Be and was released on the album with the same name. Below are the lyrics to Ringo Starr's Photograph.

Let It Be
Music and Lyrics by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be. Yeah
There will be an answer, let it be.

And when the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me,
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be,
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

Ringo Starr and George Harrison
Ev'ry time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all i got is a photograph
And i realise you're not coming back anymore.

I thought I'd make it the day you went away,
But I can't make it
Till you come home again to stay-yi-yay-yi-yay.

I can't get used to living here,
While my heart is broke, my tears I cried for you.
I want you here to have and hold,
As the years go by and we grow old and grey.

Now you're expecting me to live without you,
But that's not something that I'm looking forward to.

I can't get used to living here,
While my heart is broke, my tears I cried for you.
I want you here to have and hold,
As the years go by and we grow old and grey.

Ev'ry time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I got is a photograph
And I realise you're not coming back anymore.

Ev'ry time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I got is a photograph
And I realise you're not coming back anymore.

Ev'ry time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I got is a photograph
And I realise you're not.

I'm listening to some tributes to George Harrison as I type this.

Lunchtime Update

Well, lunchtime will be in the half hour. Test at 12:15 and I'll be done when I finish until Telecommunications at 6:15.

Michael TV shows can beat it. Really they can, they have crappy ratings. I guess Donald can kiss his new reality pitch goodbye. In case you forgot it was: Michael Molested Who? Anyway, SNL had good ratings on Sunday night. Over 12 million watched to it and it only got 24th.

Here's a good article on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Am I Google-bombing or what? My letter goes out today.

Attacking The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Quick, someone, call the guards!

Cornell students have gotten lucky. Jon Stewart will perform a second show. That's called high demand!
Jon Stewart has agreed to put on a second show March 4, giving at least 5,000 more people a chance to see the acclaimed host of The Daily Show, according to a Jon Bellante '06, chair of the Cornell University Programming Board (CUPB).
What does Howard Dean thing of Jon Stewart? Let's go take a peak and find out:
"People your age get most of their news from the internet or from the Jon Stewart Daily Show. I actually think that the truth is probably [that] Jon Stewart's the greatest newsperson in America right now," Dean said. "Anyone see the CNN report, Crossfire? ... Shouting at people does not pass for civil discourse and it's bad for the country. What Stewart does and the reason I think he has such incredible credibility with people your age who have a very low B.S. tolerance, which I think is also a welcome he just lays it out and he doesn't care and he's not particularly partisan. He just likes to puncture people's hot air balloons in politics and there's a lot of it."
Howard, you got it all wrong, okay, minor wrong. It's called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last I read.

Casting a sitcom is no joke. Should I aim for a talk show on Comedy Central then and have Jon Stewart produce it?

Are our students learning? A review of America explains:
Throughout the book’s nine chapters, Stewart satirizes not only American democracy, but also the way the nation’s schools teach about government. The book is presented in textbook fashion – each main chapter has numerous sidebars, charts, graphs, discussion questions, and classroom activities. These textbook elements spoof not just the idealistic picture of how government works, but also the textbook genre, with its superficial coverage of the democratic process that stresses knowing names and dates rather than a deep understanding of fundamental concepts of American democracy.

To lampoon the collection of miscellaneous facts and trivia that all too often passes as history instruction, Stewart writes that the founders named the document they wrote, "the Constitution, after Hamilton’s mother." (p. 28) He makes fun of classroom activities that keep students busy without tackling the complexity of issues. One mock classroom activity, for example, tells the reader: "Have fun with the gerrymander! On the right are five congressional districts in rural Texas that have experienced a sudden upswing in minority population. Using only three straight lines, can you re-draw the boundaries to consolidate white power in four of the five districts? If you can, please contact the office of Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX)." (p. 79)

Like much satire, America (The Book) will be funniest for people who know something about American politics. The gerrymander exercise is funny on its own, for example, but the joke is richer for those who are aware of Delay’s meddling in Texas redistricting.
Nepotism is wrong and President Bush, who admitted to doing weed speaking to Doug Wead, should know it: "Bush's uncle, who serves on the board of a U.S. defense contractor with over $100 million in business in Iraq, recently cashed in on some of that lucrative work, a government filing showed on Wednesday."

Atrios, er Duncan, gives advice for new bloggers. I admit I'd like to be linked there.

Paris Hilton feels violated

This is the least of it. Paris told her friends how violated she feels. Afterwards, she was seen stripping at a club. So Ashley Olsen is on her list? The good thing is, on a serious note, Natalie Portman is not in her address book. I say that from the bottom of my heart.

Chris Rock deals with hecklers all the time. He's blaming Nick and Jessica if he fails on Sunday night after the two made out to his stand-up routine.

Scarlett Johannsson reveals her secret crush on David Hasselhoff. It's no surprise that I have a crush on Natalie Portman. There! You happy now?!?

Mazel Tov to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor. They are expecting their second.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Quote of the Week: Jon Stewart on Social Security

"Kudos to President Bush for saying that we need to save social security from him."
--Jon Stewart, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, February 23, 2005

Jon Stewart's social security number is 547-74-9825. I think it's a fake though but I'm posting it anyway.

Peter Jennings embraces the blogosphere.

Monty Python

Actually, Eric Idle and his new FCC Song. It's very blue as us comedians say in this business. It's hilarious and blasts the Republican administration.

Eric Idle was a member of the cast of Monty Python.

I did't want to start a new thread until tomorrow so here goes:
"lindsay lohan's email" +"paris" (Yahoo)

Like I'm going to post her email address?

Jon Stewart, Kentucky Wildcats

I am currently putting the finishing touches on a letter to actor-comedian Jon Stewart. Here's to hoping I get a reply back with an autographed photo :)!

The University of Kentucky Wildcats have defeated the Auburn University Tigers with a score of 81-73 in Lexington, KY, at Rupp Arena.

Mehlman on elections

Radio Iowa:
The newly-elected chairman of the Republican National Committee says the next presidential campaign should start today. R-N-C chair Ken Mehlman, the manager of President Bush's re-election campaign, spoke in Des Moines over the noon-hour. "The victory in 2004 was won by planning in 2001 and 2002 and 2003," Melhman says. "The 2008 election is 1,350 days away,": Mehlman says. "I'm not sure how many days the Iowa Strawpoll is away or the Iowa Caucus is, but it's all going to start here." Mehlman also told Iowa Republicans to start laying the groundwork for the governor's race that'll be decided in 2006.
The Draft Bayh campaign began in November 2004 immediately after the election.

John Yarmuth

The Hunt for Truth
During last year’s presidential campaign, much was made of the fact that young people were getting most of their political news from late-night comedy programs, especially The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. As a religious Stewart viewer, I understand why that was the case — young people intuitively understand the silliness of politics — but I also believe that in many cases Stewart provides important information that the conventional news media ignore.

Stewart frequently takes video clips of statements by government officials — Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and George W. — and juxtaposes them with prior, contradictory comments. For example, at one point in the campaign, Cheney denied ever saying that Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States. Stewart found a clip in which the vice president had said precisely that. This clear contrast generated a good laugh on the program, but it was still serious news — just the type Tim Russert goes after every Sunday on Meet the Press.
Doesn't he say it great?

In the LEO, comedian Mike Nilsson pays tribute to a fallen friend and comedian, Bill Sacra, who passed away on February 9th to cancer.

Natalie Portman scandal

Well, not really a scandal, but it's causing an outroar in the Chasidic community. I'm not really offended by this. Okay, I'm slightly offended in the fact that it was Aki Avni and not me.

The incident occurred at the Western Wall of the Temple.
The Israeli-born 23-year-old, who may be awarded a golden statuette next Sunday for her role in the film "Closer," was on location in Jerusalem for the shooting of "Free Zone", an Israeli-directed film, Yediot Aharonot reported.

But a kissing scene with co-actor Aki Avni in a car park next to the Wailing Wall infuriated religious Jews praying at the site, who slammed the smooch as an act of "lewdness" before chasing the pair and the crew off the set.
Don't they know who she is? She's the most gorgeous Hollywood star out there! The most well-behaved! I, for one, think she deserves that Oscar come Sunday night. I'm serious when I say this: I want to star in a film with Natalie Portman, preferably a comedy. I'm off on a rant probably but it's NATALIE PORTMAN we are talking about!

Rick Santorum Town Hall Defensive

Chris Bowers of recently put Senator Rick Santorum of PA/VA on the defensive at a town hall meeting. Santorum commented that some Democrats supported the President's plan for social security. Bowers asked him to name names and Santorum refused.

View the video here.

Senator Santorum stretched the truth faster than you can superfragilicious if that is in deed a word. It was after the town hall meeting that Senator Santorum saw Shrek 2 on DVD and stayed for the whole movie calling it "an educational movie that influences how to live your life." He was last spotted watching an old Dustin Hoffman film.

I threw in some punches after posting.

No surprise here

Instead of getting the job of executive director, Bill Ryan's title is "assistant to the Chair. This was previously reported in the post I was forced to take down instead because someone got offended enough to threaten a lawsuit--I will not let them win on this--this will be an issue that will be brought up in the future. I can assure you on that.

I checked out the staff section on the party's website. Sure enough, Bill Ryan's name was listed.

Stuart Wester is listed as the Electronic Communications Director. Email him through the party's website and complain about the Kentucky Democratic Party not having a blog.

American Idol? Who bloody cares?

So, I am going to the bookstore to get envelopes because I want to mail off for Jon Stewart's autograph today. Anyway, going down the stairwell at the University Center, I hear these two girls talking. One asked, "Did you watch Idol last night? I want the country girl to win!" I'm like, who cares?!? It's a bloody tv show that is crap because all the networks want is the revenue from the ratings!

The only good thing on Fox next to the late Tru Calling and Arrested Development is sports. I don't need to see some singer on a reality show just because they refuse to go to the clubs for open mic nights and perform in other clubs. It's humiliation at it's worst!

William Hung cannot sing and yet he gets a record deal? What's up with that? My brother can't sing worth a darn. You want to see him get a record deal? I didn't think so. Why is the Hung guy a household name anyway?

The Bull Moose Defends Joe

Bull Moose Defends Joe. I've used some of his talking points before.

Speaking of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, the following photo comes courtesy of Jonathan Miller's campaign website. Jonathan introduced Senator Lieberman at the National Association of State Treasurers annual conference in Washington, D.C. I did not hotlink from his website. I uploaded it to another one instead but I felt the need to post it.

Bill Zehme's exclusive with Johnny Carson

Carson the Magnificent. Bill Zehme, in light of Johnny Carson's death, is looking over his exclusive interviews and is working on a book.
Random House has signed a deal with noted celebrity profiler Bill Zehme, believed to be the last journalist to interview Johnny Carson, for a book celebrating the comedic talent of the man who once reigned over late-night TV.

Titled Carson the Magnificent, the book will be based in part on interviews Zehme conducted with Carson for a 2002 Esquire cover story. Zehme is also doing new research for the book, interviewing friends and associates of the comedian. The book is scheduled for November release.[...]

Carson famously refused to cooperate with biographers during his three-decade run on The Tonight Show. After he left the show in 1992, he became even more elusive. Zehme—whose previous work includes biographies of Frank Sinatra and Andy Kaufman—convinced Carson to be interviewed on the 10-year anniversary of his retirement from the show.
This book should be a best seller.

Soft Drinks

Amusing. I side with the 280 people in Jefferson County that call a soft drink a coke.

Or just soft drink.

I hate re-taking math

I'm going to aim for no class earlier than 10:00 AM next semester.

This is a great article about Bob Alberti of Hilton Head Island. Bob was a musical director for the late comedian Bob Hope's specials. It's a reminder of what the entertainment world is missing right now.

Jon Stewart's ratings are going through the roof on Comedy Central. In fact: "At Comedy Central, ratings for The Daily Show have increased 36 percent since 2003, letting Viacom raise prices for a 30-second commercial 25 percent to $3,286, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, which tracks broadcast ratings." I guess that means that it is almost time to sell a few Disney shares and purchase some in Viacom. I wonder if I should apply for an internship with Comedy Central. I think my parents would kill me. My mom wouldn't let me go to Israel last summer so I don't think she'd like the idea of me running around New York...solo.

A Kentucky lawmaker are using retreats to raise money.
Some fund-raisers try to give donors a home-state experience without leaving Washington.

Playing off March Madness, Democratic Rep. Ben Chandler of Kentucky is offering donors who give $250 or more an "evening of Big Blue Basketball and Blue Dog Politics" at a Washington reception March 16. "You're invited to participate in Ben's pool - fill out a bracket at the event and the winner will receive a basket of Kentucky goodies! Bourbon, etc." the invitation says.
At which point, Rick Pitino cried foul. I can fill out a bracket for $2 and still see my Kentucky Wildcats play once year in Rupp Arena.

Princeton grade policy may be a bad omen. In other news, retroactive to 2001, George Bush's foreign policy became a bad omen.

The American Jew in Politics will be offered at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Temple Adath Israel, 124 North Ashland Avenue. I'm an American Jew who is active in politics...

Again, Ernie Fletcher does not get the picture. Jonathan does. He understands what is going on. That's why he SHOULD run for Governor in 2007.
Among the speakers was state Treasurer Jonathan Miller, who said Kentucky has a "moral" obligation to find the money needed to cover the cost of retiree health insurance.

"This is not only a compact we made with you. This is not only a means to try to attract new teachers to this profession," said Miller, who also is a trustee of the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System. "This is a moral obligation to help retired teachers with their health care."
A fitting tribute to Johnny Carson.

Very long overdue. They should have honored Jack Roosevelt Robinson in 1948 when he broke in to the major leagues.
It will award one of America's highest honors - the Congressional Gold Medal, the first bestowed upon George Washington - to another of our deceased statesmen, a man who was, in a real sense, another of our founding fathers. Jack Roosevelt Robinson, a leader by deed and daunt, led America into an era when we could begin to see ourselves as a nation in which we all are created equal.

Wordlessly on the fields of our dreams, at first, and vocally throughout society later, he became the visible example of all that he could be. In doing so, he empowered all of us to be what we had to be, if America was ever going to be a nation of genuinely united states. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to be allowed to play major-league baseball, breaking the racial barrier in 1947, when he donned the Brooklyn Dodger flannels bearing his now-famous number 42 and took the field. The older among us remember the thrills he brought to our childhood. The others remember only by reading books or seeing those old black-and-white baseball films.

But all in the U.S. Capitol on March 2 can understand what Jackie Robinson meant to his nation by recalling that the capital city they are in was itself segregated _ as black-and-white as those old newsreels _ when Robinson played his first big-league game. And in Southern states, laws decreed that Jackie wasn't free to eat or room with his teammates.

Joe Torre

Is there any reason why more than one person is searching for Joe Torre under the following?

"In 1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-year Award with whom" (Yahoo) 9 hits
"In 1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-Year Award with whom?" (Yahoo) 5 hits
"1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-Year Award with whom?" (Yahoo) 4 hits
"in 1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-year Award with whom" (Yahoo) 3 hits
"In 1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-Year Award with whom" (Yahoo) 2 hits
"1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-Year Award with whom" (Yahoo) 2 hits
"In 1996 Joe Torre shared the AL Manager-of-the-Year Award with whom?" (Yahoo) 2 hits

I know he did not die but I have no idea why 27 people would be looking up the same thing.

LINK to quiz. I'm flattered by the way. This helps my rankings on search engines.

Jewsweek's latest

Hosted by

Jewriffic awards worth a shoutout:
2. Best dis of Kabbalah: "Like Madonna, I'll become Jewish when I need the publicity." -- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the venerable pages of the New York Times Magazine in response to a question about his religion.[...]

9. Best use of Jewish logic: "It seems to be improbable that these people own 'rock 'n' roll,' it's entirely unlikely they own the phrase 'hall of fame,' and I know for sure they don't own the Jews." --Jeffrey Goldberg, a writer for the <1>New Yorker magazine and a founder of the online Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, reacting to a trademark infringement lawsuit filed this month against his rock hall by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Up and at it

I was going to go to bed. No wait, I always stay up for at least Conan O'Brien's monologue. Now, another day of giving you the entertainment news before you wake up and before Jon Stewart and the gang make their jokes.

Jessica Simpson has been hospitalized. She claimed she almost drowned in the California floodings until it was reported that she was actually walking on the rocks near Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Michael Jackson returns to the court. Kobe still wonders why he has to sit through this mess. He gave Vanessa more rings because he knew he is innocent.

Rachel Weisz was busy yesterday as she appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

More on Chris Rock's defense of his quote being taken out of context. Why couldn't we get Billy Crystal this year? Heck, what about Jon Stewart?

Hunter Thompson will be blown across his estate. Seriously, his ashes will be shot by a cannon.

Sean Connery was recently called a bully in a lawsuit. Alex Trebek was sick and tired of Sean Connery calling his mother a whore.

Ewan McGregor has slammed his fights in Star Wars II. He said he could do better. He then beat the crap out of the guy who hijacked Paris Hilton's sidekick.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris Hilton Confession

I gave her my digits too but my number wasn't in phone book. Oh, well. Paris is nothing but a slut anyway. She ruined SNL for me.

This was plugged on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Not a surprise, a tribute to Hunter Stockton Thompson was made.

Arnold is in trouble again after making troubling remarks aimed at woman. At which point, he was grobed by Jeff Gannon/James Geiko, I mean Guckert.

Oscar is playing politics. Campaign strategists have been tapped on for the best actress campaign. Evidently, Bill Clinton wasn't enough. Carville says Swank. Begala says Benning. Karl Rove says to screw it because no one cares for the gays. Evidently Karl was on marijuana when he made that statement. It was from the same bag that George took when Doug Wead (I misspelled it as Weid) was interviewing him in the 1990's. [this is comedy folks, need I remind you]

Comedic Influences

Stand-up: Jon Stewart & Bob Hope
Political: Jon Stewart, Lewis Black
Improv: Dan Aykroyd, though I'm not too sure how someone can be influenced on this comedic art
Sketch: Sid Caesar
Physical Comedy: Ben Stiller, Sid Caesar
Musical: Adam Sandler & Jimmy Fallon

I'm beginning to consider myself a social commentator similar to that of Jon Stewart and Lewis Black.

Speaking of Lewis Black, check out this interview with him.

I'm going to see what I can do about interviewing Jon Stewart.

Speaking of comedy, comedian Tina Dupuy thinks there is more behind the California rain and mudslides. Check her blog out!


The hit WB series Summerland comes back next Monday at 9. To get you hyped up, check out an interview with Kay Panabaker from the Quinnipac Chronicle.

Barry Bonds

How soon before Barry Bonds rips into the blogosphere? This guy should retire while he still can! It's obvious enough that the media is no friend to Barry Bonds. Let's see what the good people at FOX Sports reported:
"You guys are like re-running stories," Bonds said to the huge group of reporters in attendance. "This is old stuff. It's like watching 'Sanford and Son.'...It's almost comical, basically."

The San Francisco Giants slugger, who has 703 homers, also is on the verge of catching Babe Ruth, who is second on baseball's career list with 714. Aaron is first with 755.

"The sad part, I just want to go out there and play baseball," Bonds said. "I don't even care about the record part so much. The best is whatever you get out of yourself. That's all I'm trying to do."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Bonds testified to the grand jury in December 2003 that he used a clear substance and a cream given to him by a trainer who was indicted in a steroid-distribution ring, but said he didn't know if they were steroids. Prosecutors believe the substances were two steroids at the center of the BALCO scandal.

Bonds repeatedly refused to speak directly about it, but he castigated everyone from the media to Jose Canseco, whose recently released book described a rampant culture of steroid abuse in baseball.

"I don't know Canseco, besides hello and goodbye. I don't put any weight into what he says," Bonds said. "Mark McGwire was a big boy in college. To me, Canseco, you've got to come with a whole lot more...It's to make a buck, that's all it is.

"I don't know Jose. I was better than Jose then, and I've been better than him his whole career. If he wants to go make money, go ahead. ... For somebody who brags about what he did, I don't see any of your records."
Barry, perhaps if you were straight-forward, you wouldn't have had to answer these questions. You should have originally told the media what happened and don't blame it on "herbal medicine." We heard that the first time and didn't buy it. Give me a break!

No queen at the wedding

The Queen will not be attending the royal wedding. She now prefers to be called the Queen Monster-in-Law

What now?

The President has dispatched an aide to attend a counter-terrrorism conference in Saudi Arabia in which the Arabs turned it into a anti-Semitic conference. Furthermore, as you can see below, the President "complimented" the Saudis on a "successful" conference. Now, I ask why was Israel not invited?

In my opinion, this is not cool.
Bush Later "Compliments" Saudi Leader on "Successful" Conference

Washington, DC: President Bush earlier this month dispatched top White House official Frances Fragos Townsend to head an official U.S. delegation attending an "anti-terrorism" conference in Saudi Arabia -- a conference that aired vile anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist canards. Saudi Cleric Aed Al-Qarni noted at the conference that "The first to kill and use terrorism in the world were the Jews," according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI); the cleric went on to describe September 11th as "an American terror attack."

According to White House press secretary Scott McClellan, President Bush spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah on February 14th and "complimented the Crown Prince on last week's successful counter-terrorism conference in Saudi Arabia."

In addition to the American delegation led by Townsend, who serves as President Bush's Homeland Security Advisor with the rank of Assistant to the President, the conference included participation from nations including Iran, Syria and Sudan -- all state sponsors of terrorism, according to the Department of State. Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ) first warned President Bush to avoid the conference in a February 4th letter to Bush.

Throughout and surrounding the conference, various Saudi clerics noted that "Jews and the Christians are Allah's enemies," and that Jihad -- including attacks by insurgents in Iraq -- is appropriate. In a poem read before Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan, it was noted that Osama bin Laden "was sent by the Jews."
We had nothing to do with OBL at all. We did not send him. I commend Senator Lautenberg on his letter. Ira Forman, the executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council released a statement:
"It is self-delusional that President Bush would show such poor judgment in sending a top envoy to this anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American parley -- even after contemptible statements are read on Saudi state television during the run-up to the conference, and even after a very pointed warning from Senator Frank Lautenberg that this conference is nothing that the United States should be associated with. "President Bush had sufficient warnings before the conference that America should denounce it, not participate in it. But he chose instead to send a top White House official to lead an American delegation.

"Now that we have translations of statements made in Arabic before and during the conference -- statements that are clearly government-sanctioned, and made in the presence of top Saudi leaders -- the time has come for President Bush to condemn these disgraceful comments. In his direct conversations with Saudi leaders, President Bush should not be 'complimenting' them for such anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-American attitudes -- as he did on February 14th. President Bush should instead be challenging them to change their culture of hate, and to clearly criticize such sentiments in Arabic."

I don't know Pat O'Brien

Nor do I care to email him but why in the heck would Paris Hilton have his email addres or phone number?

An editorial on new journalism. The prologue: "One of the great phenomenoms of the 2004 presidential campaign was the rise of The Daily Show, a cable TV satire that exposes the hypocrisy of American politics with a mix of fact and fiction and steady laughs." The show is new tonight...thankfully.

Hoosier companies help our soldiers. This President...does not. However, the President would like to get them overseas long enough to make him a dictator. It's a possibility with the Patriot act clause.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak has accused his successor, Ariel Sharon, as being corrupt and unelectable. Wait a minute here, since when was Ariel Sharon the replacement for John Kerry? Barak then went on to say that Ariel Sharon should resign.

A high school valedictorian has been detained after plotting to assassinate the President. The Taliban could not be reached for comment.

Senator Mitch McConnell will be at NKU on Friday at 11:00 AM for a dedication. I will be on hand for the ceremony for a picture as well as some hard questions such as the plan to invade which Jon Stewart got the exclusive a few weeks ago.

Jon Stewart in Syracuse

But when's he coming here? I'd love to see him speak at the annual fall alumni lecture here at NKU.

According to the Daily Orange, Jon Stewart is scheduled to speak on April 29 at Syracuse University. It's my understanding that the Jewish Student Union there always brings in a Jewish speaker to speak at the university. I could be wrong though.
"We can't guarantee or be confident he'll be at Syracuse," said Chad Bender, the UU Speakers chair.

Bender said UU Speakers has been in contact with Stewart's agents for the past few weeks and now that the funding is secured will write up a contract and submit it by this Wednesday.

But Bender warned that even though UU Speakers has received funding, it does not mean it will be able to book the act.

"There hasn't been a bid, it hasn't been solidified," Bender said. "In fact, (Stewart) rejects 50 percent of his offerings. Everything is contingent on him agreeing to a contract."

Bender also said that, despite this fact, Stewart does favor visiting schools in the upstate New York area because of its close proximity to New York City, where he films The Daily Show.
The first family does not watch television or use email...but when they do it's the country music channel. After which, they found out their phone number was in Paris Hilton's addresss book.

Speaking of the President, he did do drugs and covered that up in his presidential run. Clinton admitted it. So did the President actually try weapons of mass destruction as well? How did it taste?

Star Wars financiers are threatening lawsuits. That's why I don't spoil movies here.

The only other big news is Paris Hilton's phone book getting hacked. Despite my being in show business at the lowest level--college--I had nothing to do with this and I will not utilize the list at all. It's called stalking. The Secret Service is taking care of things. I could care less what Lindsay Lohan's email address is. She's ruined her good girl reputation and now comes off as a slut.

Steve Carell News

Since when did blogs become news sources for Google alerts?
an American version of The Office will air on NBC in March, starring Steve Carell formerly of The Daily Show and Anchorman.
How long ago did he quit? I first saw him in Bruce Almighty. I didn't know who he was then. Now I do.

Oscars update

I just did an update after seeing Million Dollar Baby over the weekend. Changes made include Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor. I'm tempted to switch Best Actor to Clint Eastwood as well though.

Developing....Chris Rock

Actor-comedian Chris Rock claims that only "gay people watch the Tony's!" and that he was misquoted.

I do not watch the Tony's and I'm straight.

I think that I'll leave it at that!

Monday, February 21, 2005

This week in hypocricy

What's next? Mrs. Doubtfire? Tootsie?

These are FICTICTIOUS characters being attacked by conservatives as bad entertainment. If that's so, explain why Shrek 2 is third for all-time box office gross with $436,471,036. My brother bought the Shrek series on DVD. He is certainly straight as far as I know of.

Why don't they question the President as to why you know who has not arrived in the United States for a trial yet? That is a value they should start caring for!

Evidently I cannot spell "hypocricy" for the life of me.

Kansas has just lost again. Duke lost twice. The news gets better and better for my Kentucky Wildcats.

Paris Hilton friends: Be warned

Paris Hilton's cell phone was hacked into. I will not link to any other webpages than Yahoo News for this one. I just hope this makes the monologue for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow.

Email addresses in her phone book include:
PAT O'BRIEN--what the heck is he doing there?
Paris uses a device that is an all-in-one cellphone, camera, digital organizer and email terminal.
As a matter of fact, I call on the users of whatever webpage did that to delete the address book immediately. It is an immature thing to do. We don't need stalkers getting any ideas.

Late Afternoon update

No show today, it's on hiatus until after break.

Bush calls for a contigious and democratic Palestinian State. Just give them Iraq, please!

Fire Ron Lewis?!? That's great. I'd like to see the Democrats take back the district. Furthurmore, he signed a term limits pledge for three terms. Can somebody call him on it?

Bush acknowledges low popularity ratings. He then called his agent and asked for another role.

Today's Humor Bit

I've been overwhelmed with school work--midterms but I gotta get my ten minutes of joy in.

Lindsay Lohan's father has been arrested. He needs to be a positive role model, not a negative one. This is his second arrest. The first was for molesting Michael Jackson.

It is evident that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are heading for divorce. America is now crying.

Michael Jackson's TV interviews will be shown in the courtroom. Also featured is his cameo appearance in Home Alone which landed on the cutting room floor.

Chris Rock welcomes the time delay for the Oscars. There was a flag on the play at the ten yard line. What happened to live television? I blame you, Janet!

Beyonce Knowles has replaced Minnie Driver in the singing of a song. Oscar viewers, beware, Sunday night is the Beyonce Knowles Music Hour.

Elizabeth Hurley to star in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix as the evil Bellatrix Lestrange. The series has gone downhill ever since I started watching...which was never.

Jon Stewart's Message from a Jew

This was a track on a CD that Jon Stewart was "blackmailed" into doing. I've tried to take out all the explitives. It took a while to transcribe as well.

Jon brings up a good point with the holiday programming. It gets old fast. I have to find a new Pesach show because The Ten Commandments has too many errors.

Jon's Message:
Hi, people, this is Jon Stewart. You may know me as that guy who used to have that show but is now six months away from doing an infomercial purely for cash because he's a coke whore.


Um, at the urging of my good pals Kevin and Bean - uh, well, maybe not urging so much as blackmail... but I swear to God, dressed up, he really did look like a...

Uh, well. I was supposed to come up with a recipe for their Christmas tape on how the Juice stole Christmas, but I gotta be honest with you:

The Jews didn't steal Christmas, alright? When are you going to get over This "savior-killing" thing? I had nothing to do with it. I was with my brother all day. Ask around.

Actually, I was in my driveway practicing my golf swing. Alright? So I didn't kill your savior. That's not my bloody yarmulke you found. Not at all.

Alright, now here's your holiday recipe, my friends. It goes like this: take a country filled mainly with Christians, throw in a couple of Jews who live in New York, like me, add a bottle of scotch and maybe a dash of bitterness. And what do you get?

A s****y Christmas.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's right. Jews hate Christmas. You wanna know why? Because the rest of you people aren't Jews. While you're out there celebrating the festive birth of your savior, we're running around like a**holes because the oil lasted longer than we thought it would.

That's right, that's what Hanukkah is: a holiday about a bargain. We're celebrating a bargain for eight f***ing days.

I'll tell you, people often ask me, "Jon, what do Jews do on Christmas?" And the answer is, of course, "We sleep late." Not a whole lot going on for us that day.

Or, we work at a 24-hour convenience store because you people wanted the day off.

And if I may, while on the subject, make a quick point: could you maybe change some of the holiday programming you guys throw in there? How many showings of the same show do we have to see? It always ends like this: "I don't think there's gonna be a Christmas. But wait!" It gets a little redundant. How many times can I hear a guy standing in front of his family, going, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

All I'm saying is, people, let's heal the wounds of this country: Christian, Jew, Black, Asian, and even those funny smelly people that drive the things - what we need to do is get together.

And that's my recipe this year. Come to my house. Bagel brunch. You bring the Manishevitz, I'll bring the doughnuts.

More on TDS

Monday, 2/21: ERIC IDLE, writer of "Spamalot" (repeat)
Tuesday, 2/22: RACHEL WEISZ, starring in "Constantine"
Wednesday, 2/23: PETER JENNINGS, anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight"
Thursday, 2/24: CHRISTINA RICCI, star of "Cursed

Tonight shall be an early night as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a rerun.

Comedy Love Call: "Join Jon Stewart, Adam Sandler, Conan O'Brien, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, cast members from Saturday Night Live and other comics and musicians for a one night only extravaganza at New York City's Beacon Theatre, Monday, March 7, 2005 at 7:30PM. The event is benefiting autism education, therapies and services, hoping to raise over $1 million dollars for The Autism Coalition and The McCarton Foundation."

I'm guessing next Monday will be a rerun as well but it's for a good cause.

Happy President's Day

It is a Federal holiday. For 20 years, I had this day off. This year, I do not.

MSN's Presidential Advice:
George Washington: Character counts
Abraham Lincoln: Have a vision and know how to rally the troops.
William Henry Harrison: Don't lose sight of long-term goals.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Overcome adversity with courage and optimism.
Harry S. Truman: Be accountable; just do it!
John Adams: Don't be a know-it-all.
John F. Kennedy: Pay attention to style.
Richard M. Nixon: Never act out of vengeance.
Ronald Reagan: Communicate simply and directly; have a positive message.
Maintain perspective and a sense of humor.

Now for a moment of tribute for all 43 Presidents whether we agree or disagreed with their politics and policies. I quit a listserv once when someone bashed President Reagan for his funeral coverage pre-empting a rerun of Seinfeld. While a popular show, it was probably being shown for the 100th time in syndication. Plus, the series is now out on DVD.

1. George Washington, 1789-1797
2. John Adams, 1797-1801
3. Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809
4. James Madison, 1809-1817
5. James Monroe, 1817-1825
6. John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829
7. Andrew Jackson, 1829-1837
8. Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841
9. William Henry Harrison, 1841
10. John Tyler, 1841-1845
11. James Knox Polk, 1845-1849
12. Zachary Taylor, 1849-1850
13. Millard Fillmore, 1850-1853
14. Franklin Pierce, 1853-1857
15. James Buchanan, 1857-1861
16. Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865
17. Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869
18. Ulysses Simpson Grant, 1869-1877
19. Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 1877-1881
20. James Abram Garfield, 1881
21. Chester Alan Arthur, 1881-1885
22. Grover Cleveland, 1885-1889
23. Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893
24. Grover Cleveland, 1893-1897
25. William McKinley, 1897-1901
26. Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909
27. William Howard Taft, 1909-1913
28. Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921
29. Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1921-1923
30. Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929
31. Herbert Clark Hoover, 1929-1933
32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-1945
33. Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953
34. Dwight David Eisenhower 1953-1961
35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961-1963
36. Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1963-1969
37. Richard Milhous Nixon, 1969-1974
38. Gerald Rudolph Ford, 1974-1977
39. James Earl Carter, Jr., 1977-1981
40. Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981-1989
41. George Herbert Walker Bush, 1989-1993
42. William Jefferson Clinton, 1993-2001
43. George Walker Bush, 2001-

Courier-Journal on Thompson

The Courier-Journal's obituary for Hunter S. Thompson.
Thompson grew up in the Highlands with his parents, Jack (who died when Thompson was 15) and Virginia, and two other children. For a time the family lived at 2437 Ransdell Ave.

Thompson attended Male High School, where he was active in athletics, but his graduation was delayed by a jail sentence.

In May 1955, Thompson and two other Male seniors were charged with robbing two couples of $8 in Cherokee Park. Thompson, who claimed he was framed, was given a 60-day jail sentence but was released after a month.

"I really love this state," Thompson told Courier-Journal reporter Bill Cox in 1972. "But you have to leave it to ever get to do what you want to do."

One work that helped make Thompson a star had a Kentucky connection — a 1970 magazine article, "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved." The writing was hailed as a "great breakthrough in journalism" and dubbed "gonzo" by writer Bill Cardoso.

Thompson was honored in Louisville in 1996 with a tribute at Memorial Auditorium on the 25th anniversary of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Thompson also was the model for Gar r y Trudeau's balding "Uncle Duke" in the comic strip "Doonesbury" and was portrayed on screen by Johnny Depp in a film adaptation of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Other books include "The Great Shark Hunt," "Hell's Angels" and "The Proud Highway." His most recent effort was "Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness."

His compound in Woody Creek, not far from Aspen, was almost as legendary as Thompson. He prized peacocks and weapons; in 2000, he accidentally shot and slightly wounded his assistant, Deborah Fuller, while trying to chase a bear off his property.
I'm an alumnus of Ballard so there's that basketball rivalry. Just thinking of that rivalry reminded me of my late BBYO mentor Jay Levine, who died two years ago to cancer. Jay was the Athletic Director at Male HS before going to the Louisville JCC to head up Youth Services (HS mainly). I wonder if they knew each other. Jay was 67 when he died.

Hunter S. Thompson: The Toast of his fans (December 13, 1996).
Hunting for Hunter by Jeffrey Lee Puckett