Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jon Stewart in Syracuse

But when's he coming here? I'd love to see him speak at the annual fall alumni lecture here at NKU.

According to the Daily Orange, Jon Stewart is scheduled to speak on April 29 at Syracuse University. It's my understanding that the Jewish Student Union there always brings in a Jewish speaker to speak at the university. I could be wrong though.
"We can't guarantee or be confident he'll be at Syracuse," said Chad Bender, the UU Speakers chair.

Bender said UU Speakers has been in contact with Stewart's agents for the past few weeks and now that the funding is secured will write up a contract and submit it by this Wednesday.

But Bender warned that even though UU Speakers has received funding, it does not mean it will be able to book the act.

"There hasn't been a bid, it hasn't been solidified," Bender said. "In fact, (Stewart) rejects 50 percent of his offerings. Everything is contingent on him agreeing to a contract."

Bender also said that, despite this fact, Stewart does favor visiting schools in the upstate New York area because of its close proximity to New York City, where he films The Daily Show.
The first family does not watch television or use email...but when they do it's the country music channel. After which, they found out their phone number was in Paris Hilton's addresss book.

Speaking of the President, he did do drugs and covered that up in his presidential run. Clinton admitted it. So did the President actually try weapons of mass destruction as well? How did it taste?

Star Wars financiers are threatening lawsuits. That's why I don't spoil movies here.

The only other big news is Paris Hilton's phone book getting hacked. Despite my being in show business at the lowest level--college--I had nothing to do with this and I will not utilize the list at all. It's called stalking. The Secret Service is taking care of things. I could care less what Lindsay Lohan's email address is. She's ruined her good girl reputation and now comes off as a slut.

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