Friday, October 10, 2008

That's right, I'm venting...

It's not my fault that our government had to bail out the financial institutions.

But you know what? The economy hasn't just affected the markets but, um, those of us needing to find jobs?

Unemployed for two months, thanks crappy economy, and not a SINGLE CAMPAIGN will purchase a blog ad? I call bullcrap! You know you have the money!

I can't wait til we elect a new president. Maybe, I'll actually be able to find some work. But this is ridiculous. Despite nearly 1000 resumes sent off...nothing. A few interviews but that's gone south.

And staffing agencies tell you that they will find you work? Yea, that never happened?

What is wrong with this world? Here it was, I thought I would start seeing revenue from this blog during a fricking election year, especially in the month leading to the election. Now, I'll be lucky to if I can pay my bills on time (generous birthday gift anyone?)

What did I do to deserve such a fate? I've always been a good person and done the right things? But living like this is just flat out depressing. I want a reason to get up early...not a "hey, what is there to do today and is free?" question to ask my self.

Wake up, people! I know that there are more than just the google searches. I see all the unknown visitors, meaning it was bookmarked somewhere.

The economy has hit me really hard!

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