Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Power Outages decrease again

The lights came on for another 8,000 Louisville Gas and Electric customers today, bringing the total number without power down to 23,000.

That’s 11 percent of the peak of 205,000 without power after the ice storm that struck a week ago today.

The latest figure is down from 31,000 reported early this morning, according to the utility.

Another 54,000 Kentucky Utilities customers remain without power, about 27 percent of customers who had lost power, and down from 64,000 early this morning.

Statewide, about 256,000 customers are without power, according to Andrew Melnykovych, spokesman for the state Public Service Commission.

That includes 182,000 customers out of the more than record 700,000 in the commercial and cooperative utilities that officials were counting from the start of the storm.

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