Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Calipari to decide his decision today

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari will officially decide on his decision today but it seems apparent that he's likely heading to the University of Kentucky.
John Calipari told friends at a Memphis donut shop this morning he would make his decision about the Kentucky job "this afternoon."

And, yes, that is what this has come to: Tracking the man to a donut shop.

Calipari dropped by to see a collection of buddies at Gibson's Donuts at Mt. Moriah at 9:35 this morning.

Unbeknownst to him, The Commercial Appeal had a source -- we'll call him Deep Crueller -- at a nearby table.

Calipari stayed for exactly eight minutes. In that span, he said:

** In addition to Kentucky, Arizona came after him over the weekend offering not a salary but a blank check. Calipari said, "No thanks."

** He was in the Memphis Athletic Office Building yesterday but slipped out a side door.

** He loves Memphis but is drawn to the history and prestige of Kentucky. Calipari said it's one of five programs -- along with North Carolina, Duke, UCLA and Kansas -- any coach would have to consider.[...]

If you're into reading tea leaves -- or coffee grounds, if you prefer -- Calipari did say two things that should have Memphis fans worried.

"Things will be OK here," he said.

And also: "Taking the job is the easy part of the decision. Leaving here is the hard part."

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