Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Saturday Night Live is keeping busy

There's been a lot of activity lately involving Saturday Night Live. Just when you think it was over, it's not. Christine Nangle is the latest addition to the SNL writing staff if Twitter is any indication. Here's a bit on her background.
Christine Frances Nangle has studied improv and sketch at the UCB Theatre since the summer of 2007 with teachers including Kate Spencer, Curtis Gwinn, Charlie Todd, Chris Gethard, Shannon O’Neill, Zach Woods, Charlie Sanders and Neil Casey. She is currently a sketch writer for the UCB Maude Team High Treason, and a proud alum of the Maude Team 27 Kidneys. She also writes for the internet sketch group Bobby Chicago. She wrote and co-starred in the Untitled Nangle/Donnelly Sketch show and co-wrote and co-starred in H.G. Wells' Sex Machine. She got her start on Harold Night as a member of Whorenado and now performs with The Bishop.

Nangle fell into improv and sketch comedy in Pittsburgh with the longform group Hustlebot, as well as the improv and sketch group The Cellar Dwellers. In 2009 she rewrote the lyrics of Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" as a football fight song "All the Steeler Ladies" and some friends recorded it. The song was a huge hit in Pittsburgh and beyond, and she is working hard to make sure that this ridiculousness is not her legacy.
Nangle's blog can be found here. Here's the video of the song:

Also, two female members are slated to join the cast and while nothing is official yet, it appears that Casey Wilson is no longer a cast member, which stinks because she's fricking hilarious. Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad have been hired, probably to take a load off of Kristen Wiig.

Jenny Slate is a part of a comedy duo consisting of Gabe and Jenny. Brief bit from Heeb:
Jenny Slate is as beautiful as she is comfortable making jokes about blowing cocaine out her ass. Along with her comedy and nonsexual life-partner Gabe Liedman, the charming Columbia alum hosts “At Night With Gabe & Jenny,” a standup show in the East Village, and has a comedy series percolating at the TV website Super Deluxe. Originally from Milton, Massachusetts, the 25-year-old phenom currently lives in Brooklyn and has no discernible sense of shame or fear.
Via The Comics' Comic, linked above, here's some background on Pedrad:
Born in Tehran, Iran, Pedrad is a UCLA grad and has worked with The Groundlings, the UCB Theatre and Improv Olympic. She recently has been a player in the Sunday cast of The Groundlings.

Over the past couple of seasons, Pedrad also has been featured elsewhere on NBC, playing "Nurse Suri" in several episodes of ER. The clips from her one-woman show, however, were taken down from the YouTube.

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