Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evan Bayh for Governor in 2012?!?

Can it be? Is it possible? Are the rumors true? It is looking more apparent that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will be running for his old position in 2012: Governor of Indiana. Given his name recognition and how much he does not enjoy the Senate these days, I am not surprised one bit.

Moreover, for the 2016 presidential race, he could run for President as Governor Bayh, a possible three-term governor with two terms of foreign policy experience. That's what people like. Politicians with executive and foreign policy experience.

The Journal Gazette reports:
Will the 2012 gubernatorial campaign look a lot like 1988? The chairman of the Marion County Democratic Party says it will quite likely include the same Democratic nominee, Evan Bayh.

Ed Treacy told the Indianapolis Business Journal that Bayh’s appearance at the annual Indiana Democratic Editorial Association event in French Lick last month was a clue to the senator’s intentions.

“That speaks volumes for him about his priorities,” Treacy said, noting that Bayh hasn’t attended the party event in years.

Another clue might have come much earlier. When Bayh announced in February that he would not seek re-election to the Senate seat he won in 1998, his prepared statement emphasized his accomplishments as governor – working “with an outstanding team to balance the budget, cut taxes, leave the largest surplus in state history, create the most new jobs during any eight-year period, increase funding for schools every year, make college more affordable, and reform welfare to emphasize work.”

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