Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Here's why I should pay more taxes than I do. The US pays the lowest income taxes in the industrialized world. The cuts that Bush put in were irresponsible and have spiraled us into debt. I would gladly pay more because I want to be strong and don't want to live in a gated community with armed guards like rich people in Mexico or Russia. 35% tax for me is not more than 17% for someone making 30k a year. The strain is greater on the 30k person. I just won't have more in the bank which does nothing for the economy. The rich don't create jobs with that extra money, they save it. Also a person making more money is benefiting more from the society so why not pay more. It takes a giant ego to think "It's my money. I made with no one's help!" I made my money because of people buying movie tix and the amazing cast and crews I work with. If they're strong I'm strong..."
--Adam McKay, Filmmaker, December 10, 2010

Well said, Adam, well said.

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