Friday, July 29, 2011

Congressman John Yarmuth is "sick of it"

Congressman John Yarmuth is "sick of it." Yarmuth addressed the House:
[M] Speaker – Congress’ approval rating is 10 percent. And given the debate on this politically-induced default crisis, I have to ask myself “Who are these crazy 10 %?”

The American people are looking at this institution right now and asking what on earth are you thinking?

They are sick of this and sick of us – they want this default crisis resolved now, they definitely don’t want to repeat it 6 months from now, and they understand that a real solution means a real compromise.

Our constituents have made it clear they want shared sacrifice, where millionaires, billionaires and oil companies contribute their fair share. They want their Social Security and Medicare benefits to be protected.

But this bill - the Republican Default Agenda - does none of that. In fact, this reckless bill is actually a stealth attack on Medicare and Social Security because it requires large cuts next year that can only come from those programs.

The Boehner plan would increase borrowing across the entire spectrum of American society including local and state governments, business, and our citizens, producing essentially a back door tax hike on the American people.

It does all this damage to seniors and middle class families while sparing the wealthy from even the slightest inconvenience.

We weren’t elected to Congress to run our economy and our country in the ground, to fail to respond to a crisis of our own creation – but here we are. The American people deserve better and are demanding better. We need to defeat this bill so we can move on to a real solution. I yield back.

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