Friday, August 05, 2011

Against merger

Allowing a public university to merge with a Catholic-owned hospital is something that should not be allowed to happen. It's not just that but when I hear that Jewish Hospital is also merging with them, it sickens me.

We saw what happened during the Terri Schiavo fiasco. The Republicans intervened in what should have been a family issue.

If I'm placed in a vegetative state, I'd rather die than have some Catholic directive keeping me on life support.

I'm sorry to any Catholics that I know but I'm Jewish. I have my rules to follow. You have yours.

But taking into account that the University of Louisville receives both federal and state money in order to operate, and you realize what kind of fiasco is going on.

This merger cannot happen. It should not happen.

If the Commonwealth of Kentucky allows it to happen, well, I may just have to disown the state and not vote for anyone I would have otherwise supported. Such merger is a blatant violation of the Constitution--you know that separation of religion and state.

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