Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Capitol Hell

Paperback: 328 pages
Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press (September 4, 2012)

Jayne Jones and Alicia Long, co-authors of Capitol Hell started their political careers by working for former Senator Norm Coleman (MN) as staffers in both his St. Paul, MN and Washington, D.C. offices.  Described as becoming fast friends, the two stuck together through thick and thin, joined forces to write a novel about life as a Capitol Hill staffer.  Earlier this summer, we got a taste of Domestic Affairs, about a campaign staffer.

In the case of Capitol Hell, Senator Anders McDermott is the main senator in this book with an eye on the White House.  Jayne and Alica's stories have become the stories of Allison Amundson and Janet Johannson.  The chief of staff has no control.  The press secretary is pompous primping and ppreening.  To make things worse, the Senator cares more about his rise to fame.

Their book has been described as "saucy novel about the crazy co-workers, high maintenance politicians, and over-the-top entourages that can only be found inside the beltway."

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