Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Open Letter to the Courier-Journal

On Thursday, I awoke to a disturbing sight.  The Courier-Journal changed designs again.  Unlike their last revamp, this was worse.

I don't even read the Features section any more.  All the pieces of the Buzz are already 3 days old by the time that they are printed--which is why I was forced to go elsewhere for all my TV and film news.  The CJ no longer reports when news media are leaving town for other stations--a shame.  I shouldn't have to depend on Facebook or Twitter to find out that someone is leaving a news station.

But back to the point of this open letter.  This new format?  It fucking sucks.  It's a piece of shit.

By combining the front page with the Metro section and placing an emphasis on LOCAL news, the front page is now nothing but a glorified Metro section--leaving readers to turn to online and cable networks to find out what is going on in the nation and the world.

I don't watch the cable networks except for MLB Network.  I can't even watch ESPN anymore without screaming at the TV because I'm tired of all their commentators screaming at me.

I don't like being told to check the CJ's mobile website for news.  I don't like reading news on my phone but it in this digital era, I don't have a choice.  Aside from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which I read the sports articles online anyway, the only things I read on my phone are, um, TV and film coverage.

What are the people with dumbphones supposed to do?  Borrow a friend's phone to read the news?

What about those of us who are Shomer Shabbas and don't watch TV or go online for 25 hours from Friday through Saturday?  How are we supposed to get our news?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Twitter only goes so far and I only check so many Facebook filters after Shabbas or a 3-day holiday weekend.

Having a Sunday or Monday column in the Metro used to be prestigious.  Now?  A column on A3 or A5 isn't the same.  Not by a long shot.

This isn't the answer.  Bring back the old format.  It wasn't the best in the world (lack of quality TV/Film coverage that isn't 3 days old by the time it gets printed) but at least national and world news got its due.

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