Tuesday, July 17, 2007

True, some might be old news...

That's what happens when you change your google alerts to once a week...

House lawmakers are upset with the GOP over the robocalls.
Democrats and Republicans sparred throughout the day Tuesday, casting blame on each other for a stalled special session of the General Assembly, and even calling for people's jobs.

"On the one hand he's calling for peace, on the other hand he's calling for war," state Democratic Party chairman Jonathan Miller said of Gov. Ernie Fletcher outside the Capitol Tuesday. "On one hand he's calling to cool down things, on the other hand he's stirring the pot back up."

On Monday night, the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-controlled House, which had adjourned last week short after the session began, were deadlocked in disagreement on virtually everything. Meanwhile, the state GOP sent out thousands of automated phone calls to people across the state, criticizing Democrats for leaving town as they did.

Primarily, lawmakers' disagreement hinged on whether Gov. Ernie Fletcher should have even forced them into a special session in the first place.
The October 4th season premiere of 30 Rock will have none other than Jerry Seinfeld guest-starring as himself.
Jerry Seinfeld returns to NBC in a rare guest-star turn when he appears as himself in the second-season premiere of NBC's critically acclaimed comedy "30 Rock" on October 4 (Thursday, 8:30-9 p.m. ET), it was announced today by Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios.

"Thursday night is a powerful comedy line up for NBC. To have Jerry join '30 Rock' for its second season launch is impressive, to have him return even for one night in his old Thursday night turf -- is just classic," said Silverman.

"I was thrilled to be asked to guest star on NBC's hit comedy '30 Rock.' I think it's going to be so refreshing for me to be playing myself in a show that has nothing to do with neurotic, dysfunctional New York characters," said Jerry Seinfeld.

"We're very excited to have Jerry on '30 Rock.' Finally, my parents have an excuse to watch the show," added Tina Fey, star/creator/executive producer of "30 Rock."
Might we be seeing a shift in Israeli policy from France?

Well, this is different. But it's to be expected when one is running for office or is a celebrity. Heck, if you don't have a sense of humor, stay out of the limelight.
The cast of Second City's "Between Barack and a Hard Place" found itself playing to a woman presumably familiar with that very spot.

Michelle Obama, the wife of the senator and presidential candidate, turned up Friday at the theater on Wells Street. She was joined by Maya Soetoro-Ng of Honolulu (Sen. Barack Obama's half sister), and her husband, Konrad Ng. And even though the edgy show features everything from a gay assassin (who falls in love with his mark) to an appearance by Abraham Lincoln, who insists on calling the senator B.O., the Obama family group laughed uproariously all night.

Michelle Obama said she wasn't offended by the depiction of her husband as a kind of vessel for the most absurd hopes and dreams. "You get used to all this," she said.
Democratic candidates got a boost from Senator Evan Bayh.
The Indiana senator has long since abandoned his 2008 presidential plans, but a training regimen he launched more than a year ago has paid off for most of the candidates still vying for the Democratic nomination.

The plan for Camp Bayh, as it was called, was to give a flock of young staffers a weeklong crash course in campaign basics, then turn them loose on local campaigns in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere. The goal was to earn good will for Bayh by feeding staffers to local campaigns, then build the skeleton of a presidential campaign using the now-experienced workers.

It didn't work out that way, as Bayh decided he couldn't compete against what he called Democratic "Goliaths."[...]

"I'm proud to know I was their first choice, but I'm also pleased to know that they're devoted to the process," Bayh said.

Participants said the training was intense, with long sessions on campaign basics such as organizing door-knocking efforts, dealing with the media and raising money.[...]

Former staffers on Bayh's presidential campaign admit it's a little odd to see camp graduates scattered to so many candidates, but they said the result has been heartening.

"It is sometimes surreal to see the fruits of two years of hard work preparing for the Bayh presidential campaign benefiting other candidates and campaigns," said Dan Pfeiffer, the deputy communications director for Barack Obama's campaign. "But at the end of the day, Evan Bayh did a great service for these kids and the party as a whole."
This is strange: new definitions of American Judaism. Admit it. You've seen at least one episode of Seinfeld. Don't deny it.

It's official at this point. There will be no X-Men 4. I can understand that seeing as how they basically killed off several key cast members of the group for no reason. It's a shame though. There are so many stories to tell but then how will you pay for all these cast members to reprise their roles?

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