Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bayh to address convention on August 27th

This is also the same day of the convention that is usually reserved for the vice presidential nominee.

One way or the other, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will speak at the Democratic National Convention the night Barack Obama’s running mate addresses the party.

Bayh is scheduled to speak at the convention on Aug. 27, the night dedicated to national security issues, according to Bayh's office.

That’s also the night the vice presidential candidate will speak, fueling speculation Obama will choose a running mate with national security credentials.

Bayh has worked to develop those credentials through service on the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees.

But another name on the list of possible running mates for Obama -- Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- already is an acknowledged expert on foreign policy.

Biden, who is also scheduled to speak Aug. 27, has another advantage over Bayh in the running mate competition: Bayh was one of the first Democrats to back President Bush's request to use force against Iraq, which made him unpopular with many in the Democratic Party’s liberal wing.
In response to liberal bloggers that created an anti-Bayh facebook group, I created a group in which people trust Sen. Barack Obama to select his own darned VP.

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