Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Biden...

But much ado about about some of the reaction dealing with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh.

Turns out that Bayh has known for a few days now.
Senator Evan Bayh says he's known for two days that he wouldn't be Barack Obama's running mate.

He tells the Associated Press that Obama called him Thursday afternoon to tell him he wasn't his pick, but he was sworn to secrecy. Word broke last night that Obama had selected Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

Although he says being considered was an honor, he compared the experience to "the political equivalent of a colonoscopy." He says the Obama campaign went over everything and anything and tracked down every crazy rumor about him.

Bayh says not being chosen means he'll be able to be a better dad and a better senator for the people of Indiana - two things that mean a lot to him.
Like many, Bayh would have been the safest bet.
It seemed to be Sen. Evan Bayh's best shot of being chosen as the Democratic nominee for vice president.

But just like 2000 and 2004, it was not to be. After weeks of speculation, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama chose Delaware Sen. Joe Biden.

Bayh lost out even though many Democrats and political observers believed him to be Obama's safest bet.

A moderate Democrat with foreign policy experience. A fiscal conservative with executive experience as a former, popular two-term governor. Strong family values. No skeletons in his closet to speak of, no major gaffes to point to.[...]

Vargus said if Bayh continues to have eyes on the White House, he has to show himself as a more known and effective senator.

"He is going to have to simply really attract some attention," Vargus said.

Maybe, but Bayh is only 52 years old. And for the past several weeks, he got plenty of attention in a bright media spotlight. Last week, hordes of reporters staked out his home night and day. He talked or was talked about a lot on television, and was the subject of countless newspaper and Internet stories and blogs.

"This particular process has exposed to the country that Evan Bayh is not only mentioned as a great former governor, but a leader," said state Democratic Chairman Dan Parker. "This has only further enhanced his profile as a national leader."

Indiana's senior senator, Republican Dick Lugar, said Bayh's future was bright.

"I share the disappointment of many Hoosiers that my partner in the Senate, Evan Bayh, was not selected on this occasion, but I believe he will continue to have widespread support for higher office during many years ahead," Lugar said.

Several top Democrats had predicted that if Bayh were on the ticket, Indiana would go blue in November for the first time in decades. Bayh was not only popular as governor, but won his first and second terms in the Senate with more than 60 percent of the vote.

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