Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurrican Ike and it's impact on Kentuckiana

Along with all if its victims along the gulf coast, my thoughts and prayers are with those victims of Hurricane Ike, including the Kentuckiana region.

Jim Ramsey gets the schmuck of the week comments. Seriously. Why keep the University of Louisville open tomorrow? 300,000 homes and businesses in the region don't have power. Trees and power lines are down. Bellarmine is closed. The school system is closed. JCTCS is closed. Yet, Louisville remains open? Bull-fricking-crap and you know it!

Close the university except for the essential personal. Commuter students, and they know who they are, will not make it to campus. If they don't have power, they won't know if their classes are cancelled.

Chicago, in the meantime, had it's worst record of rainfall yesterday...but not as a result of Ike. All that rain came today.

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