Sunday, September 21, 2008

I hope WENN has it wrong...

If this is the case, then consider the upcoming James Bond film a failure! You don't take CLASSIC lines out of the Bond movies. Those lines help make a Bond movie exactly what it is: A FRICKIN' JAMES BOND MOVIE!

Producers of the new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace are set to anger die-hard 007 fans - they have dropped all of the superspy's catchphrases.

The legendary character has often thrilled cinema audiences with the immortal line, "The name is Bond, James Bond," and ordered his martinis "shaken, not stirred".

But movie bosses have cut the lines out of the new film, fearing they may be too old-fashioned for a modern Bond.

Director Marc Foster says, "There was a 'Bond, James Bond' in the script. There are several places where we shot it as well, but it never worked as we hoped. I just felt we should cut it out and Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson (the film's producers) agreed, too.

"It's nice to be open-minded about the Bond formula. You can always ago back to them later on."

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