Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's something strange in the neighborhood...

I did not know this. Bill Murray would not do the Ghostbusters video game unless Ernie Hudson had a larger role.
Even Murray returned - not with a hatful of diva demands, but wanting an assurance that Winston Zeddemore, the underwritten black character from the movies, would be elevated to full status. And so to all intents and purposes, The Video Game is, effectively, Ghostbusters 3. A period piece, it takes place two years after the events of the second movie and sees Manhattan once again under threat. It's closer in scale to Aykroyd's original vision but in canon terms, it's the next chapter of the story.

And now for the supernatural bit: after coming together for the game, all the players have stated their intentions to go back, and a script is being written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, writers on the US Office. According to reports the original cast will act as mentors, handing the company over to a new generation, likely to be from the Seth Rogen and Steve Carell class of actors who are filling up just the same space in Hollywood as Aykroyd and Murray once did. "There'll be a whole new generation that has to be trained and a leader that you'll all love when you meet her," says Aykroyd. "There'll be lots of cadets, boys and girls who'll be learning how to use the neuron splitter and the inter-planet interceptor - new tools to enable them to slip from dimension to dimension."

That is, of course, if they decide that movies are even the way to go any more. "I have what I think are two great cool science fiction stories myself right now and I think I'm gonna skip the movies altogether and find some gamers, maybe go with these guys again. I'll just give them the scripts and say, 'pretend this movie got made'."

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