Thursday, June 04, 2009

For SEC fans, this is awesome...


— Every SEC conference game may be televised on one of the ESPN platform of networks. For UK at this time every game, will either be on CBS, ESPN or ESPN 2. There will be as many as two times as many SEC games on national television and ESPN will have a national game on 2 different nights, as opposed to one on under the other contract.

— For Kentucky, the non-conference home games will also be on the ESPN networks more often and only 2-3 games will be on the local only affiliate.

— The SEC Tournament will be on the ESPN 2 and CBS.

— SEC games can be on ESPN or ESPN 2 on weekends, a scenario that was only rarely available under the old contract.

Bottom line: in football every game is on national tv and in basketball all of UK games except a couple of terrible ones are on national tv. The regional network will use the ESPN talent and there will be no game which a fan in New York, Boston, LA, Dallas, Houston, etc cannot see. Think about that for a second.

All in all, UK will likely have more combined football/basketball games on national television than any other program. That is big folks and with Calipari here to take advantage and the ability of the football team to benefit from the added exposure, the SEC deal is as sweet for Kentucky as for any other school
This is great news.

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