Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steve Beshear-Jerry Abramson 2011

It's official. Mongiardo has been removed from the ticket. He'll be replaced, officially on Monday, by Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.

An excerpt from the email that was sent out:
A global economic crisis and a series of unforeseen natural disasters have presented Kentucky with one challenge after another in the 19 months that I've been governor.

But with a steady hand, my administration is helping the state survive with a strategy that combines short-term help with long-term thinking:

*We've ratcheted back spending, just like our families have done, to make government leaner and more effective.

*We've preserved critical priorities in education, health care and public safety.

*We're reached out to vulnerable populations in need across the state.

*And, as showed by the economic development initiatives we persuaded the General Assembly to adopt in the recent special legislative session, we've focused on attracting good-paying jobs for our people.

*All the while, we have toughened ethics standards, expanded health insurance to more children and positioned Kentucky as a leader in the national energy issues of the future.

But there remains much to be done.

That's why on Monday, at 9 a.m. at the Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort, I will be announcing my intention to run for re-election as governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

At the same time, I will be introducing Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson as my running mate.

Jerry is a leader of stature who has a proven record of accomplishment, particularly in economic development. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of the state's largest city. Now he intends to do the same on behalf of the entire state.

Jerry will serve out his term as mayor. At the same time, he will be traveling around Kentucky to hear input on how, in my second term, the Beshear/Abramson team can improve what state government does for you.

That, my friends, is exciting.

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