Friday, August 07, 2009


This week took a major hit with the tragic loss of John Hughes. Hughes was a filmmaker that defined a generation. Just look at his resume.

In other entertainment news, Judd Apatow spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Q: What was the best advice you got?

A: That it would take seven years to become a good stand-up comedian. I think that was from Jerry Seinfeld. ... I was writing jokes for comedians to pay my rent, because I wasn't making any money doing stand-up. So I started selling jokes, and that turned into longer-term gigs writing people's acts with them. I wrote Roseanne's act for a year.[...]

Q: Most directors have six or seven projects on deck in their page. Yours is pretty much blank.

A: I've made an effort to slow down. We're shooting a movie called "Get Him to the Greek," which Nick Stoller wrote and directed and stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand and P Diddy, Colm Meaney, Elisabeth Moss and Rose Byrne. That's shooting until the end of the summer, and then I don't have anything lined up.

Q: Your kids are in "Funny People." Are they allowed to see "Funny People"?

A: Actually, I am. I asked the editor to cut out everything bad in the movie that my 11-year-old can't see. So I have to look at it and see if it's OK.
Tim Meadows will forever be the Ladies' Man.
Tina Fey, doyenne of "30 Rock," also wrote and played your love interest in "Mean Girls." Are you still in touch?

Occasionally. I have talked to Tina, but through other people. Like, she'll send a message to me but through somebody else. ... You work with people for a long time and, you know, when you're away from them, you forget how well you guys got along, and then when you see them again, it's like no time has passed at all. Working on "Grown Ups" has been great because I've been friends with Adam and Chris Rock and Spade and Schneider and Colin Quinn for a long time, but yet I hadn't seen them all in years or months or whatever. I've been here for a week and it's totally back to the way it used to be.
Meet Aubrey Plaza.
"I went literally from doing nothing to getting all three in the same week," Plaza said. "It's kind of a crazy story, how all this stuff happened to me."[...]

Even before landing her role in "Funny People," Plaza, 25, was already working her way up the comedy food chain. A self-described "comedy nerd," she left her native Delaware for New York University in part to be near the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, a popular breeding group for young performers. She was an intern at "Saturday Night Live" before moving on to being an actual NBC page. She appeared in a series of online videos, including the popular faux-soccer-mom talk show "The Jeannie Tate Show." She can also be seen in the independent film "Mystery Team," which will be released in the fall.

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