Monday, August 17, 2009

Wish me luck...

After six long years, the day has finally come. I will be auditioning for the conservatory program at SC next month. Wish me luck!

During the summer of 2003 when Bob Hope died, I checked out his book "Don't Shoot, It's Only Me!" from Louisville Free Public Library(an abbreviation I don't find myself saying all too much if any). After reading it, I gave thought to pursuing a career in stand-up, so I jotted some jokes down in a notebook and typed them up thereafter.

During the end of October, during Parents' Weekend at Bradley, my brother was scrolling through the student activities list on the Bradley website. I glanced over and saw there was an improv troupe. Being a big fan of SNL, and I have seen Whose Line many times, I decided to that I would start rehearsing with the troupe. I asked around to see if anyone knew anything about it. Just my luck, my RA was one of the founders.

The rest as they say is history...well, Ronald Reagan's death got me sidetracked but that led to getting in touch with then State Treasurer Jonathan Miller. So all through the fall of 2004, I was busy with helping out with the elections in Northern Kentucky.

Spring 2005 comes and it's an off year so I started a late night comedy talk show on campus in the style of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. That show lasted six episodes and sadly, all the footage is lost to this day. It sucks, too, because I scooped every one on Trey Grayson's decision to run for re-election for Secretary of State.

The year, 2005, was an off year in Kentucky politics for the most part.

Jack Black hosted SNL in December with musical guest Neil Young. That episode featured the digital short that changed the world: Lazy Sunday. I got the urge to start performing improv again. Then I find out that Mark Feuerstein and some friends made the west coast response, Lazy Monday. You guessed it, I started writing the lyrics to Lazy Tuesday.

So January 2006, I go into preproduction and start writing the lyrics.

On February 27, 2006, the world was forever changed as Lazy Tuesday entered the world wide web.

Over a year agao, I moved to Chicago to start taking classes at Second City. True, the economy has not been as cooperative as I would have preferred but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I guess that's what one would do.

I started improv classes this year and I will finally be auditioning for the Conservatory next month.

Here's a nice quote from Dan Aykroyd from Live from New York: "Oh listen, I’m a big fan of the show today. I look at Second City as being the B.A. program in comedy and improv and writing, and I look at Saturday Night Live as the masters program. And then after that point in life, you get your Ph.D. in whatever you go into. So I would say I probably have enough knowledge to teach a graduate-level course in film production now."

Were you expecting a big political news story?

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