Monday, November 30, 2009

Great read...

Go read Steve Hofstetter's Silent One Day Sale, Holy One Day Sale about how it's hard being a Yid at this time of year.
I imagine it's much more difficult to be a Jew on Christmas than it is to be a Christian during Hanukkah. You don't find many Hanukah specials about families getting stranded in an airport learning the true meaning of the menorah.

But if there were lots of Hanukkah specials, I'd be just as annoyed as I am at those about Christmas. I finally realized that I do not dislike most Christmas specials because they are about a holiday I do not celebrate - I dislike them because they're really, really cheesy. I love the original Grinch cartoon. The Peanuts specials are always fun, and Seinfeld's Festivus episode is a classic. A number of sit-coms have simply had funny events happen at Christmas parties, which is fine considering that the holiday is a part of our country's pop culture. But the shows that have people changing their lives based on the true meaning of Christmas really exasperate me.
Go read the rest for more.

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