Wednesday, February 24, 2010

John Krasinski testing for Marvel's Captain America

According to Nikki Finke, John Krasinski, better known as Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office, is up for the role Captain America, to be seen in the 2011 film, The First Avenger: Captain America.
I've learned that Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston are testing candidates for The First Avenger: Captain America which Paramount will distribute on July 22, 2011. I’ve scooped their wish list: most but by no means all of the contenders are young hunks who come from both movies and television -- Chace Crawford (CW's Gossip Girl), John Krasinski (NBC's The Office), Scott Porter (NBC's Friday Night Lights), Mike Vogel (Cloverfield), Michael Cassidy (CW's Privileged), Patrick Flueger (Brothers). They also wanted Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy), but he so far hasn’t made a test deal. The studio yesterday tested several candidates from this list. It's not surprising that the roster contains so many little known actors: Marvel after all cast a complete unknown as Thor, Chris Hemsworth. The role is enticing, but Marvel is known for driving hard bargains on its superhero deals. There's a salary scale, but if you're not a known quantity like Crawford or Krasinski, the offer is around $300,000 for the first film. And whoever gets the role will have to sign for another nine options for future films that include sequels, Avengers movies, or anything else Marvel decides.
In related entertainment news, Matt Damon has been selected to play the late Senator Robert Francis Kennedy in yet another Kennedy related movie.

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