Friday, August 27, 2010

Going the Distance and Kashrut

Going the Distance was filmed at the home of an Orthodox family in Queens. Justin Long recently spoke to George Lopez about some of the issues involved with filming.
An Orthodox Jewish couple is more upset about non-kosher hamburgers being cooked on their grill than a sex scene on their dining room table, actor Justin Long said.[...]

In an interview with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight, Long described the couple as "serious" about their Judaism after describing how angry they got when they discovered that non-kosher hamburgers were cooked on their grill for use in a dinner scene.

Long continued: "Somebody, while we were shooting the sex-on-their-dining-room-table scene raised the point 'Well, if they had a problem with that meat… . "

The studio replaced the grill and the utensils.
It's nice that the studio replaced the grill and intensils. I'd be as upset if someone treyfed up my kosher utensils and dishes.

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