Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest Post: Jay Deskins

My friend, Jay Deskins, wrote this and I am sharing it with you.

So I have never written a blog, or written a note on the internets, but I figure I might as well do this after a great discussion yesterday morning.

If you don't know, a Muslim group is planning on building a community center in Lower Manhattan, about a block away from where the World Trade Center towers once stood. Now, several folks have been trying to stop this from being built, because they feel that all of Islam is at war with America. Some are trying to stop this because they see it as Islam using our freedom of religion and saying "nah nah nah nah boo boo." And some see it as Islam saying, we are winning this "war."

First off, Islam is not at war with America, or the West. Islam, as a whole, is not at war with us. Islam is, at its core, a very peaceful religion. For those of you who have never actually studied the religion, and go by what Fox News and what that hate monger and fake Christian Pat Robertson has to say, then you are uneducated on the faith of many of our fellow humans. Well, if Islam isn't at war with us, then who is? Well, a group of extremists are hurting us. Not all Muslims are extremists. Just like all Christians are not Republicans, or Baptists, or Catholics, or Klansmen (yes, the KKK is a branch of Christianity, sorry). I think it is so hypocritcal for Christians to say anything about anyone else's religion and how it oppresses people. THE WOMEN, JAY, THE WOMEN. Okay, in some countries that look to Sharia Law as their main source of authority do abuse women, however, their are many women in this country who are abused by their Christian families and churches, and they can use the Holy Bible as reason for why they abuse them.

Now, back to the Community Center... because it isn't a Mosque being built, this is like a YMCA or JCC. As a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a faith founded shortly after the adoption of the Constitution of the USA, and free to do so because of the freedom of religion, I feel that I should say we cannot stop a religious organization from doing anything, short of hurting people (re-read my first paragraph if you think that Islam is a violent religion, and I could write a whole paper on why Islam is not a violent religion). We stepped in with the Branch Davidians in Waco because they had guns and were abusing children and other things. But yet we still don't step in and stop terrorists being developed in our own country, the KKK, the neo-nazi's, the skinheads, these militias that are jumping up everywhere threatening the lives of innocent Americans. All of these groups are free to have training grounds where they train TO KILL INNOCENT AMERICANS. Now, before we stop a peaceful religion from doing something, I think we should stop these hate mongers, these violent criminals, who threaten the lives of you and me, because you probably have black friends, Jewish friends, Muslim friends, gay friends, etc., and they think you are just as bad as the minority groups. So, where should point our fingers next? No lets keep pointing it at non-whites... white folk can do what they want in this country... don't forget, Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Oklahoma City Building, was a white Christian. Don't forget the KKK has killed more people in the span of the last 40 years than anyother group in America. Don't forget, it is Christian men who abuse their wives on a daily basis and use our scripture as a reason why.

I am just saying. Think about it.

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