Thursday, February 23, 2012

David Williams wins while Kentucky loses

Kentucky's treasury department has lost out on the potential for an increase in revenue. The horse industry, already losing horses, trainers, and breeders to other states with higher purse money, is a loser in this fight.

Christian conservatives, being who they are and forcing their own damn beliefs on everyone else in the damn state, won the battle.

If they hate gambling so damn much, why is it that they haven't gotten rid of the lottery or force Churchill, Keeneland, Turfway and others to go out of business? It's fucking hypocrisy. That's what the fuck this is.

Why don't they stop raffle fundraisers since that's the same fucking thing?

It's fucking bullshit, you stupid assfucks. That's what the fucking hell it is. And why? Because some damn religious Republican thinks that everyone should believe as they fucking do? No. It does not fucking work that way, you stupid asshole.

The entire commonwealth lost the battle. Ohio won. Indiana won. Missouri won. Illinois won. All the Indiana casinos won because Kentuckians have nowhere else to fucking gamble because Frankfort cares more about making sure we get our cold and allergy medicine by prescription? Wait, no. That legislation got withdrawn.

So where the fuck does this fucking leave us? Stuck with fucking assholes who don't fucking care about their fucking jobs. They lost their pride and dignity a long fucking time ago. David Williams will gamble in Indiana but he doesn't want to see you gamble in Kentucky. What a fucking prick!

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