Friday, February 17, 2012

Rogen talks Oscars

Seth Rogen recently talked about the Oscars:
“I’ve got to be honest,” Seth Rogen, this year’s Independent Spirit Awards host, confessed this morning during a conference call with members of the press. “I’m not the most in-tune guy with what is getting nominated and winning awards in general.”[...]

Asked whether he was bothered that the Academy hadn’t recognized 50/50, too, Rogen answered bluntly: “Overall, there are very few moments when the Oscars’ taste intersects directly with my taste, so I don’t consider it a snub. That implies that I assumed it was going to happen. I work under the assumption that generally speaking, my tastes and [those of] the Oscar voters are not the same.”

To prove his point, the actor revealed that he has not yet seen this year’s awards front-runner, The Artist (“It’s one of the ones on my list. I have to watch it before the award show next weekend”) and that he used his Oscar ballot to vote for a very dark horse.

“I honestly thought that Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was one of the best movies of the year,” he said. “It got no love from the awards whatsoever. I loved that fucking movie. It was great. . . . I’m an Oscar voter. I voted for it.”

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