Thursday, September 06, 2012


This is a must-read related to the fine city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Some of the language is harsh for the residents that live down there.  It's not a pretty read but it talks about the realities that do exist in this day and age.
This is happening because you live on a sinking, shrinking delta smack in the middle of a hurricane zone. Storms like this are to New Orleans what blizzards are to Chicago and heat waves are to Phoenix. Get used to it -- or move.

Places that never or seldom flooded in past storms are now taking water because the sea is rising due to global warming while the land mass you live on is sinking. The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority says the Gulf could be more than 3 feet higher along the southeast Louisiana coast in 100 years. If you thought this Cat 1 was a villain, add 3 feet to the water that ran down your street and into your house. That's your future.

Levees and floodwalls can offer temporary protection. But remember, it takes billions of dollars and a decade to build a decent system for your cities. And if global warming isn't addressed, the structures you build today will leave your children and grandchildren vulnerable.

The best things you can do are adapt to live sustainably in this reality -- and demand the people you send to Baton Rouge and Congress address the causes of your peril.
Go read it.

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