Monday, January 14, 2013

The latest on Jack Conway

Jack Conway was recently interviewed by the AP.  He's taking a serious look at running for Governor.
"To me, it's still awfully early," he said Friday. "But there's been a lot of jockeying. It seems the ink wasn't even dry on Steve Beshear's re-election and people were already talking about it." [...]
"There's still a lot of time," he said. "If I think I can be successful in accomplishing some things, then I will sit down and talk to my family about it, and we'll make a family decision. But I'm going to take a very, very serious look at it." [...]

"Crit and I talk regularly," Conway said. "I don't' think Crit and I will get ourselves in a position where we are trying to beat each other to the punch."

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 He would be in a good position in 2015.

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