Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Manti Te'o Scandal

What the hell?!?

That is probably what everybody was thinking when Deadspin broke the scandal late Wednesday afternoon saying that Manti Teo's girlfriend didn't die of cancer because she never existed in the first place.  The same one that Pete Thamel wrote about in the 2012 season.

Notre Dame later responded through a university spokesperson rather than via the Athletic Department.  Later, Te'o himself issued a statement to the press.

As is the case with several in the sports media world, I'm not buying it.  Not for one minute.  Not when the university claims to have known since the end of December.  Not when Te'o was still answering questions about it during the BCS media days on January 3rd.
Q.  Manti, how have the football‑related commotion and excitement of the past year helped you get through the turmoil you've faced with your grandmother and girlfriend?  And how have the quiet periods been for you, given you more time to reflect?  Is that a good thing or double edged?
MANTI TE'O:  I think whenever you're in football, it takes your mind off a lot of things.  You know, this team is very special to me, and the guys on it have always been there for me, through the good times and the bad times.  I rarely have a quiet time to myself because I always have somebody calling me, asking, do you want to go to the movies.  Coach is always calling me asking me, "Are you okay?  Do you need anything?"  I have three roommates, Zeke, Carlo and Robby Toma, who are always yelling at each other, who's going to play Call of Duty.  I'm rarely by myself, and that's how I like it.  I'm always around my guys, always around my family.
He could have said that he didn't have a girlfriend but he didn't.

Reagan Mauia, an Arizona Cardinals fullback, tells ESPN that he met her.  At this point nobody even knows what the hell is going on right now.

Jack Swarbrick, the athletic director for Notre Dame, is willing to go as far as covering for any of the football team yet nobody at Notre Dame has even answered for the death of Lizzy Seeberg.  That's the real tragedy.  Players assaulted her and she was forced to remain silent because they were football players at Notre Dame.  Anywhere else, those players get kicked off the team.  Not at Notre Dame.  They are backed up by the coaches and administration.

Meanwhile, Pete Thamel goes to Alabama and Turkey to investigate Kentucky players but when it comes to a football player's girlfriend, he never even makes an attempt to meet the family.  This Slate article is a MUST READ!

At a Wednesday night press conference, the university claims that it was Te'o who was duped.  I disagree.  It was the American media and America that was punk'd in the process.

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