Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Israeli Commercial for YES HDTV

This is very hilarious and worth watching.

Here's what they are singing per the person that uploaded it on YouTube:

Be warned holy land
of the high definition
go out and erase this "toeivah" (sin)

Oy Vey, the "toeivah" is here
He said Oy Vey
now the detail's so clear
YES brought HD
Groise Tate (Father in heaven) please help
It's a "broch" this HD on YES

Gevalt it's Sedom and Gemorah
HDTV it's against the torah
HDTV oy voi voi voi
Now the shiksas look well
you will all go to hell
Or in Hebrew Yishmor HoKel (g-d save us)

Cause the HD is now on YES

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