Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All things Apatow and Rogen...

Because everyone likes to ready about Funny Jews, right?

An early review of Pineapple Express. I won't excerpt it here because I, um, have not yet seen it.

Look, if you are going to publish an interview, please bold the questions.
What makes a good comedian?

People don't need to be famous to be funny. If someone makes me laugh, I think, why shouldn't they be the star of the movie? I don't need the biggest star in the world. But having said that, the guys who are the real superstars - John C. Reilly, [Will] Ferrell, Adam Sandler - they're stars for a reason. They're good because they're good. They're not good because they're famous.
Apatow was honored at Just for Laughs in Montreal.
Stars of his films and friends roasted Apatow, with Bill Hader recalling how he told lunch time jokes in sixth grade that he ripped off from the award winner's MTV appearances back then. "There was this guy who performed in tight jeans, shirt tucked in and a mullet," he reminisced.

Seth Rogen thanked Apatow for allowing him to have money and a nice house.

Apatow himself started off saying one friend had to cut out early to catch "Batman" instead of his award presentation.

"I couldn't even fill the f*#ing room," he said, looking around. "And I'm the guy with the jobs."
He also told the crowd that he enjoyed a video montage of his film hits shown earlier in the program. "It just gives me credit for all the things others have done," Apatow quipped.

He also lauded many of his friends and partners along his career path.

For example, he lauded Ben Stiller as the "father" of a lot of current cutting-edge comedy. And Apatow thanked him and Garry Shandling for teaching him many important things. Will Ferrell and others were also on his list of people to thank.

Apatow closed by sharing the story of how he tried out for the Just for Laughs comedy festival when he was younger and didn't get in. But now, he finally found a way to get to Montreal and enjoyed every minute, he said.
Entertainment Weekly interviewed Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Step Brothers is due out on Friday.

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