Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The View gets it wrong

Somebody, please get the members of The View a book on the Jewish history of Israel because they need it. I know Barbara Walters is away while recovering but somebody needs to tell the rest of them that they have their facts wrong.

CAMERA has a summary.
Whoopi Goldberg, another show regular said:
Let me ask you this. Because for many, many, many years, there were not Jews in Israel. Okay?
Statement or question, Goldberg’s premise was wrong. Jews, and only Jews, have maintained an unbroken presence in Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), for more than three millennia. And despite repeated conquests and expulsions, Jews also returned from foreign exile in small numbers beginning more than 500 years ago, then in larger groups starting around 1880.

After Behar replies only with “yeah,” Goldberg ventures some mistaken, generalized diplomatic history, empathy for poor Helen Thomas kicks in.

“It’s with the way she put it. I think if she had put it maybe a diplomatic way ....” Behar suggests.

“The View’s” other panelists don’t ask what a more diplomatic way to declare “Jews back to the Third Reich” might be. “Peace activists” onboard the “Free Gaza flotilla” gave it try, reportedly taunting Israeli commandos with “back to Auschwitz.” In any case, “The View” team, including Goldberg, end by discussing Thomas’ resignation as an example of suppressed free speech.

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