Friday, September 16, 2011

For having a new laptop...

I really ought t be posting more...I suppose I would be if I was not so busy between work and writing.

I saw Moneyball last night. It's really good. One of the top ten this year if you ask me.

Megyn Kelly shares her feelings on Jon Stewart.
I find Jon Stewart very funny — except for when he’s making fun of me. [laughs] The problem with Stewart is when people think The Daily Show is actual news, or that he made an attempt to be fair, which I think he would freely admit that he doesn’t.
Similarly, in a new issue of Rolling Stone, Jon offers some commentary of his own on his show and FOX News.
“We are both reactions to the news and to government,” he says. “We’re both expressions of dissatisfaction. [Roger Ailes'], I think, happens to be a slightly more powerful version [laughs.]...Ailes was a strategist for Nixon. He comes from the seat of power, and he understands how important the narrative is. We come from comedy, so our natural instinct is not to understand that, and to be bratty. That goes a long way towards explaining the difference between the two organizations.”
Comedians talk about tackling a dramatic role.
“It is something to talk about when a dramatic actor can go and do comedy, that’s really impressive,” said Polley. “I think it’s less shocking when a great comedian does a great dramatic role…I was amazed at how surprised that people would be that that would have worked.”

Silverman, who plays Lou’s foul-mouthed sister Geraldine, said she felt some honesty in delivering dramatic lines.

“I feel like in comedy you can be saying a bunch of lies, but the audience smells b---s--- if there isn’t some sort of honesty coming through in this,” she said. “It’s like saying words honestly, it doesn’t really feel so different.”

Rogen concurred, noting that “a lot of people have been talking to me about how it is totally different from what I have done before, but it doesn’t feel different from anything.”

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