Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cougar Town: Season 3

A special congrats to the cast and crew of Cougar Town for the upcoming third season. They started doing viewing parties last night. At Drake's in Louisville, we had the opportunity to watch the third season premiere and the 5th episode. The 5th episode features a really fun Scrubs reunion. This season looks pretty sweet.

As the show found it's way and what it wanted to be, the audience wanted what happens in the premiere to, umm, actually happen. Yes, they still mess around with the opening title credits but the writing is strong.

Both Josh Hopkins, Ryan Devlin, and writer/story editor Mary Fitzgerald were in attendance.

It was nice talking to Josh after the episodes aired about not just CT but also what's happening with Community. It's a fun fact: If Cheers were to have made it's debut in this age with the type of audience it had when the show started, it would not have lasted past a few weeks. For the show to survive, people have to watch.

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