Monday, December 06, 2004

Meet Chuck Schumer

This was on the DSCC site!
Senator Chuck Schumer: Winning Elections Since 1974
December 05, 2004

Senator Schumer has been running in, and winning campaigns for public office since he graduated from Harvard Law School in 1974. With three decades of campaign experience, this Senator from New York knows how to get Democrats elected. In his own re-election bid this year, he posted the largest margin of victory (41% lead over his opponent) in the history of New York Senate races. Senator Schumer will be bringing his deft political, fundraising and campaigning skills to the DSCC as the incoming Chair. One can only imagine what he has in store for the 2006 election cycle. Republicans, look out!
I had the chance to see Senator Schumer back when he was in Cincinnati for the Jews for Kerry event. Such a nice man but his flight left early so I never got my picture or autograph with him. I am glad he is staying in the Senate. The last thing we need is a divided primary...pitting Jew against Jew (ok, that was for laughs).

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