Thursday, November 08, 2007

2008 Candidates

This is the listing of names that I have heard so far of folks considering running in 2008 for Congress or Senate. I will update this as we get close to the filing deadline.

2008 Congressional
Heather Ryan (Fired executive director of the Maiden Alley Cinema)

David Boswell (State Senator, former Agricultural commissioner)
Reid Haire (Daviess County Judge/Executive)

John Yarmuth (Incumbent)

Michael Kelley (Physician)

As of 2:50 on filing day, no Democrat has filed.

Ben Chander (Incumbent)

2008 US Senate
Andrew Horne (Iraq veteran)
Greg Fischer (CEO of Dant Clayton)
Bruce Lunsford (2003 and 2007 gubernatorial candidate, Brown Administration Commerce Cabinet secretary, Vencor co-founder, thoroughbred owner and film producer)
Michael Cassaro (Physician)
David L. Williams (Retiree & Frequent Candidate)
Kenneth Stepp (2006 KY5 candidate)
James E. Rice ( employee)
David Wylie (former U.S. Postal Service employee)

2010 US Senate
Ben Chandler

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