Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Official Myspace Boycott

A lot of musicians, comedians, and filmmakers use MySpace to promote themselves. A lot of them also usually go on talk shows, but have been refusing to make the rounds anywhere that they would cross a picket line. How am I any different if I proclaim my support for the writers, yet log in and use this site, which is owned by one of the moguls that the writers are currently striking against?

So until the strike is over, I will not be using MySpace, and I encourage you to join the boycott, whether you're an entertainer who uses MySpace to promote themselves, or a viewer who supports the writers. Here's how.

1). Download this photo

2). Upload it onto your MySpace profile and make it your default pic.

3). Repost this message as a bulletin and a blog to explain why you support the writers' strike, and how your boycott of MySpace reflects that.

4). Contact MySpace customer service with the following message:

I am boycotting MySpace until its corporate parent, News Corporation, plays its part in settling the Writers Guild of America strike and fairly compensates writers for residuals from internet broadcasts of films and television series. I will not log in, I will not give page hits for its advertisers, and I will encourage all my friends, family, colleagues, and favorite musicians, comedians, writers, and filmmakers to join the boycott.

5). Post the same message on your page, in profile editor, and in your away message, in miscellaneous settings.

6). Log out of And don't come back until the strike is over!

7). If you have Facebook or Livejournal accounts, if you frequent a bulletin board, or even if you just send out an e-mail to everyone in your address book, let everyone know about the boycott!

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