Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cooler heads must prevail

If you've been living in a cave, then you probably did not know that the writers of your favorite television shows are on strike. They are not working right now. They are picketing. They are picketing because the studios will not pay them residuals for what has become to be known as new media.

I encourage you to stop downloading television shows on iTunes since the writers do not see a dime from those sales.

And that show you missed last night? Don't watch it on the network website as no one but the studios see a dime from that either.

That, my friends, is why we are looking at an extended hiatus of our favorite shows this winter.

This strike could last into the springtime, maybe even the summer.

It's all because the studios don't think that new media is the way of the future and they don't want the writers, cast, or crew to see a single penny from online viewings.

In 1988, the writers struck for five months and the fall season was delayed until December of that year.

You might be thinking that people in Hollywood are rich. That is not the case. Most people depend on residuals just to pay their apartment. Not their house but their apartment. It's not just the writers affected by this but cast and crew members, too. Production assistants in LA struggle if they don't have work.

You might be asking yourself, why am I even doing this.

I care. I'm a future WGA member and I want a good deal in place when I break into that industry. I'm an aspiring actor-comedian-screenwriter and I support these people and show my solidarity with them. They deserve it.

As long as writers, cast, and crew don't see a dime, I won't be watching a single show online and I sure as heck won't be watching that reality crap that they are on television because that's just an easy way out in order to make a profit since those shows are so inexpensive to produce.

Show your support for the WGA and sign this petition. They need to know that you support them in this fight against the studios.

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