Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Interesting Marvel Action

As the world awaits The Incredible Hulk, director Louis Leterrier let it be known that he would love to direct another Hulk film. I'm hearing so much positive vibes about this new one and make sure to stay for the SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS.
"I'll do another 'Hulk' movie any day of the week. I love it! I love the character, I love the TV show. I love that he's an anti-hero," Leterrier told us exclusively.

"It starts with a great story and great cast. If you like movies, you'll like 'Hulk,'" he added.

When asked how this movie is different from Ang Lee's 2003 big screen version, he said, "It's very different, [but] not because it has to be different because I love Ang's movie. I think Ang's movie is a superb movie and I felt comfortable taking on the task. At first it was really daunting and I was really afraid because Ang is an amazing director. I wanted to do the compliment of what Ang has done so it's faster and more action."

In addition to wanting to direct another "Hulk" film, Leterrier would be up for The Avengers as well.

"I'll direct anything that Marvel puts out. I'm going to be camping out at the Marvel office to direct anything they want," he said.
Leterrier also spoke with G4 and brought up mention of another Marvel super-hero.

It's already obvious that Marvel is doing these as a mix between the 616 and the Ultimate universe. The origin story in this one looks more like it's taken from the Ultimate universe.
With most of the Marvel superhero movies, they're adapting elements from the more streamlined and modern Ultimate universe rather than the regular universe. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury was an indication of this (and even Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in that movie was closer to the Ultimate version). In the upcoming The Incredible Hulk, they're borrowing the origin of the Ultimate Hulk.

One of the efforts to make the Ultimate universe more streamlined was the way they linked other heroes' origin to Captain America. Hulk was a result of Bruce Banner trying to recreate the long-lost Super-Soldier serum that made Steve Rogers Captain America. Norman Osborn also tried to recreate the serum, ending up with one that turns him into the Green Goblin, which is also the same serum that was injected into the spider that bit Peter Parker.

The new batch of Marvel's independently financed movies will see an attempt by them to closely connect all their movies, leading up to the Avengers movie in 2011. They're already planting seeds to lead up to the Captain America movie in both The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. In Iron Man, Captain America's shield can be seen in Tony Stark's garage.
Expect another reference to Captain America in the new Hulk film!

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